6 Jackets You Need For Fall & Winter

I feel like I say this with every piece of clothing or accessory — but I really never thought I was a “jacket/coat” girl until I took a look in my closet. I have A LOT of freakin’ jackets. When you really think about it, jackets are what people see you in when it’s cold. They’re 100% a staple piece, and now I’m trying to invest in them. Today I wanted to share some of the coats that I consider absolute staples.

The Trench Coat

7 Jackets for Fall and Winter: The Trench Coat

I mean is there anything MORE classic than a trench coat? I think not. For my 21st birthday, my parents got me this gorgeous Brooks Brothers trench coat (because I was NOT asking them for a $1,200 coat). I felt so grown up and chic in it…and it was definitely my staple lightweight coat once I started working in the corporate world. Naturally, my body has changed a bit since I was 21, so that coat unfortunately didn’t fit me. I was in the market for another trench, and I gravitated towards the classic J.Crew trench coat…because DUH. I love how this specific trench coat is not only extremely chic, but it’s also extremely versatile (I love the removable hood — sometimes I really LOATHE hooded jackets).

The Blazer Coat

7 Jackets For Fall and Winter: The Blazer Coat

Yes, I’ve always had a thing for blazers (I mean hello look at this 2017 throwback), but now? I’m onto the blazer coat. When I picked up this stunning Italian boiled wool blazer from J.Crew, I started wanting more blazers that could double as a coat. The more oversized, the better. The thicker, the better. I LOVE wearing that J.Crew one with a scarf, oversized sweatshirt, leggings and boots. It feels like such a vibe for me!

The Black Coat

Every closet needs the black staples: A little black dress, a black blazer, black flats, and yes, a black coat. This was something I was missing in my closet. I actually picked up a thrifted Zara jacket and it was kind of exactly what I was looking for. Something oversized, in a boucle fabric, and I also loved that this just happened to have that worn in look. Here are a few that I think are really great options: under $200, under $300, and a shorter boucle version.

The Camel Coat

7 Jackets For Fall and Winter: The Camel Coat

I specifically remember seeing this Brooks Brothers coat when I was in college. It was (and still is) $1,200. As a college kid, that was just NOT in the budget for me…and honestly it’s still not. So from college (2013) till 2019, there was literally a void in my closet. I could NEVER find the perfect camel coat. And then I saw this one. The quality is incredible. It goes with everything (styled it here in a super casual way). I even wore it to take some pictures with Rob. And then obviously, you can wear it with trousers, dresses, and more dressy pieces.

The Shacket

If you’ve been around for a while, you know I live for shackets in the fall. Between 2020 and 2021, I purchased SOOOOOOOOOO many. Like I actually can’t even count how many I bought. I just know I couldn’t stop (and I wrote about ways to style them here). While I’m definitely experimenting with other types of jackets, I still think a shacket is such a good staple piece in your cold weather wardrobe.

The Puffer

And finally, I feel like since I live in a place with very cold winters I need to include the classic puffer jacket. When it’s just too damn cold for a cute statement jacket, I always reach for my Super Puff from Aritzia. And my honest review? It’s better than my Canada Goose jacket. In fact, I sold my Canada Goose jacket once I bought and tested the Super Puff in early 2021. It really is THAT warm — and perfect for New York City winters.

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