Spanx Faux Leather Leggings — Are They Worth It?

In 2020, I did a thing. I purchased the highly recommended Spanx faux leather leggings.

I was super disappointed in the Nordstrom Sale this year. Nothing really caught my eye, but I’m actually proud I didn’t force myself to buy anything. Ok I lied. ONE THING CAUGHT MY EYE: The Spanx faux leather leggings. Yup, the ones that EVERYONE pretty much owns already. It took me quite a few years to bite the bullet and buy them, but since they were on sale…I decided to give them a try. Only took me about 3 years to purchase. LOL.

my initial thoughts & how to style

When I got them in, I was really excited. Out of the box, they don’t look like anything that special. In fact, I wouldn’t really say they look like a faux leather legging at all. On top of that they’re quite thin. Ok, all of these statements make me sound like I hate the leggings — but I promise I don’t!

I actually LOVE them. They’re definitely in my top 5 favorite bottom to wear. They are comfortable, chic, and practical. I think people shy away from these leggings because they say they’re faux leather. I think people assume that they’re going to be too dressy, and that’s really not the case. They can definitely be dressed up, but I’ve also worn them with a tank and long cardigan. These leggings are my favorite for days when I don’t want to wear denim but still want to feel put together. They are a chic alternative to most pants, but honestly so easy to style once you get an outfit formula in your head. For me, it’s usually a sweater, a cardigan or jacket, and boots. In my book, that makes these leggings very much worth the investment.


I was definitely nervous to order the wrong size in a pair of Spanx leggings. I didn’t want them to be TOO tight, but also wanted them to do their job and suck me in. I read reviews, looked at the size chart, and ultimately decided to go with the Small Petite (for reference, I’m 5’2, typically a 24/25 in jeans, 112 pounds — small waist with wider hips). They fit PERFECTLY. When I first put them on, they were definitely snug, but 10000% loosen up over wear.

where to purchase

It’s definitely nice to have so many different retailers offer this legging. Like I mentioned before, I got mine during the Nordstrom sale. If you’re in the market for these leggings, I would definitely keep an eye on sales now that Black Friday is quickly approaching (crazy). Click through below to shop!

similar ones

I know $98 is NOT inexpensive. That’s why I found some other alternatives to this legging! I can’t speak to the quality of them except for the Aerie pair (my sister and her best friend have them). But the ones I see have good reviews!

And I’m sure most of you know by now, this post contains affiliate links. When you use links I share to make a purchase, I do make a small commission (at no extra cost to you). It’s like giving me a tip if I styled you in person, you know? The most I post links and things I’m wearing, the more I want to reiterate that I don’t want you to buy things you don’t need. EVER! On the other hand, if I help you find something that your wardrobe has been missing, I really appreciate you using my links — it allows me to keep It’s Casual running as a business!

photos by allie provost

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