9 Ways To Wear A Shacket

At this point, I can probably call myself a shacket connoisseur.

No, in all seriousness, shackets are actually the best. During the cooler months, I LIVE for shackets. I feel the coolest in them, and there is just so many different colors, patterns, and lengths. Last year, I seriously could not stop buying them. While I know the word “shacket” is actually very controversial, it’s very clear that they’re on trend, yet still here to stay.

Essentially shackets are thicker than your shirts, but thinner than your coats (which the exception of a couple of styles — you’ll see my sherpa one below). To me, they’re an essential layering piece for fall and winter. They’re SUCH an easy, no brainer way to elevate your style. Since I know sometimes it’s easy to fall into the “just throw on jeans and go” outfit recipe, I wanted to share a few different ways I styled them last year.

Here are some of my styling tips for shackets:

  • Look for different textures and patterns
  • Pair one with a dress
  • Wear different hats
  • Don’t be afraid to pair it with heels
  • Switch up the lengths

all photos by allie provost

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