The Season of Fall — Fashion, Life, And More…

I know so many people say this, but fall is TRULY my favorite season. Not only do I feel like I thrive in fall, but there’s something just so refreshing about the change of seasons. Falling leaves remind me that with the change of seasons, you can also shed things about your life. Pumpkin spice scents and cozy indoor hangs around the fireplace. It all just reminds me how peaceful I feel during fall. And now that we’re very much in the midst of the season, I’ve been doing lots of thinking.

About life This fall, I’ve been focusing on myself: my happiness, taking care of myself mentally and physically, spending time with people who make me happy, saying yes or no to things based on what I TRULY want. I recently read something that stuck with me: “Happiness is just a feeling that comes and goes…it’s not something you are all the time”. And that really shifted my perspective. Overall, I’d say I probably feel happy most of the time. Which is obviously great, and I’m thankful for that because I do have a lot to be happy about. But, when I’m not happy…that’s okay too. Because happiness ebbs and flows just as much as other feelings.

About my online presence Fall brings a lot of “busy”. At work, we’re focusing on next year’s fall assortment. Not only is it my favorite season in life, but it’s also my favorite season to work on, and always has been. I finally feel like I’m in my groove at J.Crew (and this is largely because of my incredible team and the cross functional teams we work with). To be able to continue to do what I genuinely love is something I won’t take for granted. The fact that I get to do it at a company that has been my dream company since 2012 is just the icing on the cake.

I’m trying to be more cognizant of what I’m sharing online. I want to connect with the community I’ve built here and on Instagram. I find myself capturing moments on my phone not because I’m not in the moment, but because I truly want to remember them. Whether it’s a snap on my way to work, capturing a fun moment at happy hour with my coworkers, or a quick selfie because I like my sunglasses. It’s all because I want to, not because I have to. But I also want to protect my mental health from just how much content I’m consuming and putting out there for others to consume/critic/comment on. At the end of the day, I’ve still been trying to share the little things — what I’m reading, what I’m listening to, what I’m wearing/buying, or just a favorite New York City corner.

About fashion My personal style is all over the place, and that’s probably my favorite part of fashion. I know what pieces I want in my closet that can wear with a large range of looks (i.e preppy, edgy, comfy, etc.). I don’t like to narrow down my style into one specific niche — especially during fall. I love the layers. I love the coziness. I love the accessories. I love the textures. I love everything that comes with fall (and even winter) fashion. Can it stay this way forever?!

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