Lou & Grey SignatureSoft Sweats

When the pandemic hit, not going to lie, my wardrobe didn’t take THAT big of a hit.

I also happened to have JUST started working for THE best brand that made THE best lounge wear pieces for those every day practical looks. I truly think I embody the “comfort and ease” vibe that Lou & Grey encompasses. So when we were forced to stay at home and re-think our wardrobes, I was kind of just wondering how I could be adding or updating mine.

Naturally, I’m biased, but Lou & Grey is 100% THE destination for comfortable clothing that works whether you’re sitting on the couch, working from home, or need to run errands. I’d say my closet is like, 60% Lou & Grey at the moment. I really believe in the product we’re putting out there.

Thanks to the pandemic, I think a lot of people have really opened up to the idea of normalizing wearing sweats out of the house. While there’s been the “athleisure” category, I still think a lot of people stayed away from it…especially those who worked in a typical 9-to-5 setting.

Since I’ve been living in our SignatureSoft sets for pretty much a year now, I want to share why you NEED them in your life.

no brainer outfit (or outfits)

I mean, there’s nothing easier than not having to think about your outfit. Since this outfit can be purchased separately or as a set, there are SO many ways to wear your SignatureSoft sweats. Of course, wearing them together truly creates the most perfect look. If you’re running out, throw a coat or jacket on over them and you’re good to go! We also posted a woman on Instagram styling them with a scarf! I though it was so fun and a chic touch. The possibilities are endless;)

BUT, then again, they’re great on their own too. I’ve worn my sweatpants with tank tops, graphic tees, and sweaters. I’ve worn my sweatshirt with jeans and leggings. They really do go with EVERYTHING.

so. crazy. soft

There really is no other way to describe our SignatureSoft fabric other than it is SO. CRAZY. SOFT. They might be the softest sweats I’ve ever owned. They’re perfectly cozy, without being insanely warm. Since I’m ALWAYS hot, I can’t deal with super thick sweats,

our fit

What I love about our sweats is that they fit well. Like most teams, we spend a lot of time fitting product. We listen to our customers. We make tweaks where needed. We want these to be the sweats you ALWAYS reach for. For whatever reason, I think these sweats are so flattering on. Not that you need to look good in your sweats, but I definitely think it’s an added bonus. They fit through the hip and taper to a skinnier fit at the bottom. They’re just a COOL. FREAKIN. PAIR. OF. SWEATS.

For sizing reference: I’m 5’2, and wear an XS in the pants and a SMALL in the top. I will say if you’re between sizes, size down. If you want a looser fit, take the larger size (that’s why I get a small in the tops). We now offer Petites (and will continue to offer a wider range of Petites), but I haven’t tried them, so I can’t really speak to how Petite sizing work.

What’s your current stance on sweats? Do you wear them out of the house or just for the couch?

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  1. 1.13.21

    Lou & Gray has my favorite sweatpants/sweatshirts! So crazy soft! I love how you’ve styled them here.

    xx Chelsea

    • 1.13.21

      YES YES YES! They are THE BEST. All I do is feel the fabric when I’m wearing them. Stay tuned for even more goodness 😉