The Outfit Formula: A Well-Balanced Weekend Outfit

weekend outfit

Sometimes it’s hard to find that perfect weekend outfit. Getting dressed for work? EASY PEASY. But when it comes to that Saturday or Sunday morning? I’m stumped. Whether I’ll be out for the entire day or I just want to run out to get coffee, I often send myself into a downward spiral when I start to get dressed. Creating a weekend outfit formula (especially during the summer) might sound silly, but I felt like it was something that needs to be talked about!

When I take a look at my closet, there are a couple of wardrobe heroes specifically for the weekend.

Weekend Outfit Formula

Non-t-shirt shirt

I’m a sucker for a good t-shirt. I love t-shirts. But I actually don’t love wearing them all. the. time. During the summer, I REALLY don’t love wearing anything with sleeves. I have a weird thing with sweaty armpits and sleeves, so I truly avoid as much as possible (weekend or not). That’s where some of my feminine tops comes in. Or my favorite tank. And if I’m daring enough to step outside in sleeves, it’s going to be in this linen shirt. During the summer months, I stick with cotton or linen. In the fall and winter, I’m still layering my tees with pullover cashmere sweaters or cardigans!

Casual shorts

It’s truly an art to try to look casual on the weekend without looking like a slob. I really do enjoy looking as put together as I can. Not for anyone else really, just because it makes me feel good. I’ve been leaning heavily into these chino shorts and these every day shorts from Everlane. They’re both the perfect weekend shorts. And what’s even better is that I can still dress them up for dinner!

A “let’s walk around” sandal

Normally the weekends are for our long walks. We usually walk to get coffee, then we walk to pick up some breakfast, and then head into the park to eat and walk some more. Since I like being a little more put together, I don’t always want to opt for sneakers. I have a couple of go-to sandals that never let me down: My Birkenstocks and these J.Crew sandals (sadly are in and out of stock) are my hero sandals of the season. I’ve seriously walked 20,000 steps in London in those J.Crew babies. THAT IS INSANE TO ME!


Sunglasses are part of my DNA at this point. I LOVE how sunglasses pull together an outfit, and also give you the opportunity for optimal people watching. Now there are two types of sunglasses I gravitate towards on the weekend – sunglasses that will go under hats and sunglasses worn without a hat. There’s nothing worse than putting a hat on (you know for those 5th day hair days), and then realizing the sunglasses you wanted to wear push your hat up.

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