My Personal Style & Fashion Dos/Don’ts

Fashion Dos and Don'ts

When it comes to my personal style, I picked three words: Timeless, fun, and approachable. I love sticking to classic pieces, while still having fun with my wardrobe. And on top of that, I think my style is fairly attainable. I love mixing high and low pieces (mainly sticking with mid-range prices for clothes). Along with my thoughts on personal style, I also have a couple of fashion dos and don’ts. Now these aren’t fashion “rules”, because I don’t believe in those. I truly believe anything goes in fashion!

My Fashion DOs & DON’Ts

DO Rely on Those Classics

Simple, elevated classics will NEVER steer you wrong – it’s that easy. When you think about the transition of seasons (we’ll use Summer to Fall for now), sometimes it can be tricky to navigate getting dressed. In the back of my mind, I have a couple of go-to outfits that I can wear with so many of my closet staples: A great pair of jeans, a classic button down, a good cashmere sweater, and ballet flats. When you’re having a moment of panic while getting dressed, remember this: KEEP IT SIMPLE.

DON’T Except Good Style To Just Happen

Fashion has always been the one thing that’s ALWAYS interested me. Naturally, as I grew up, my taste in clothing and fashion have grown too. Having fun with fashion is a risk you’ll have to take. When you say things like “I can never pull that off”, it truly limits yourself. There’s an element of confidence that comes with trying new things, and there comes a point where you just have to own it. The best thing about fashion? You can switch up your personal style at any time.

DO Think about Styles vs. Trends

Always, always, always go back to what you like and who you are as a person. There are a lot of trends that I love, but know don’t ultimately work in with my personal style (remember those three words I shared earlier?). So while it’s fun to experiment with fashion, there are some things you just KNOW you’re not going to love for the long haul. I like to keep tabs on what I’m actually gravitating towards via Pinterest or saved folders on Instagram/TikTok. This shows me any themes I’m loving within the fashion world without spending any money (yet). While newness in my closet is exciting, it’s something I’m really trying to scale back on. Style is so much more interesting when you can find new ways to wear old pieces.

DON’T Underestimate The Power of Accessories

I’m a SUCKER for a good accessory. A belt, scarf, or cool sunglasses can take a basic outfit and bring it to a new place. Every day jewelry always adds a new element to your look – like your daily earrings and rings – but can always be swapped out for a statement piece too.

DO Invest in Good Sweaters

My sweater collection is my most prized possession in my closet. I LOVE sweaters. I love them so much, I don’t even put them away during the summer months. They stay right where I can see them, and I love adding them as an additional (almost) accessory in the warmer months. Investing in GOOD sweaters will take your wardrobe to the next level. J.Crew sweaters are by far THE best sweaters I’ve ever owned. Most of them I’ve owned for years. I always look forward to adding new sweaters into my wardrobe – these are the pieces that I know I will not grow tired of/will always have a place in my closet.

DON’T Always Buy New

This took me quite some time to get used to. I’m very much an impulse shopper. If I want something, I usually buy it. I don’t typically wait to make a purchase unless it’s truly an investment piece. This is NOT the best way to shop, by the way. I wish I was sliiiiiiiightly more responsible when it comes to shopping – but hey, we all have things we need to work on, right? ANYWAY, there are so many AMAZING pieces on secondhand websites. I’ve been finding so much luck on Poshmark lately. Shopping secondhand can really help you develop a unique personal style – especially if you’re mixing old + new.

DO Find A Perfect Fit

There’s something oddly empowering when you just know your perfect fit. For example, I’m petite, so I love searching for cropped pants knowing they’ll be full length on me. Also always be open to finding a good tailor. I know that sometimes I need to size up in bottoms to accommodate my hips, but then my waist is big – an easy fix with a good tailor! It’s all about knowing your proportions and making clothing look good on you…remember YOU WEAR THE CLOTHES!

What are some of your fashion dos and don’ts?!

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  1. 8.2.23
    Martha said:

    How do those JCrew capeside chinos fit compared to the regular chino shorts?

    I don’t have any fashion dos or don’ts….my only rule is to wear what I like!

    • 8.4.23

      Love that!
      I would say they run similarly – I wear my true size in both.

  2. 12.27.23

    Very interesting! Personally, I choose what I wear while taking my comfort into considerable account. However, I don’t forget about the little astrological tricks for a personal touch.

  3. 3.13.24

    Thank you for including tips for both men and women! It’s refreshing to see inclusive fashion advice that caters to everyone.

  4. 4.23.24

    I’m Thrilled to come across your website! Your article is incredibly useful!