5 Of My Favorite Sunglasses On Repeat

Now that the sun is summer ready, it’s time to talk about the best sunglasses. If you’re new here, you should know that I’m a sucker for sunglasses. I feel like they’re part of my personal style in a way that’s comparable to the way a white t-shirt is a staple. I love how sunglasses can instantly change up your look, and for me, they’re an important outfit completer.  There are so many different kinds of sunglasses, but I definitely lean more towards classic silhouettes. I wanted to share some of the best sunglasses for summer…and quite frankly, all year round!

I also want to say that a lot of these are designer sunglasses. While I do love a great Amazon pair now and then, I do tend to invest in designer sunglasses. I typically take really good care of my sunglasses, and that’s why I don’t mind splurging on them.

Best Sunglasses For Summer (& All Year Round)

Best Sunglasses For Summer (& All Year Round)

Celine Triomphe Oval

Dior Oversized Sunglasses

RayBan Aviators

RayBan Round

Celine Cat Eye

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