Your New Go To Tank

J.Crew Shelf Bra Tank

If I’m getting dressed for the day, you better believe I’m wearing a tank underneath whatever it is I’m wearing (obviously some exceptions, but I needed some dramatic effect). When I started working for J.Crew, I did a major shopping haul and came away with this tank. I was OBSESSED with the ribbed fabric, so I couldn’t stop buying it (I think I own 9 at this point). Then…the shelf bra tank launched.

J.Crew Shelf Bra Tank

Now you might be asking why I’m SUCH a fan of this tank. And I’d just LOVE to answer. (Editor’s Note: No one asked.) As someone with small b00bies, I never really NEED to wear a bra. But since I’m a woman who lives in a city, sometimes I just don’t feel comfortable walking around with my nippies showing (I WISH I had the confidence to though). With the shelf bra tank, I’m able to still be braless, but have a little bit more coverage.

This shelf bra tank became the quickest wardrobe essential for me. You’ll find me wearing it almost every single day of the week. It usually goes on promo quite a bit, so keep an eye out for those too!

Ways To Style The Tank

I think this is a bit of a no brainer, but there are a lot of different ways to wear your (new favorite) tank.

  • Tucked into your favorite jeans
  • Worn with denim shorts and a sweater draped over your shoulders
  • Throw a blazer on over your shoulders and go
  • Layered under your favorite sweater in the fall/winter (you know how sometimes the heat is blastinnn’ a little too much).

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