My Best Purchases Of 2023

best everyday purchases

A few weeks ago, I wrote this post about my 8 wardrobe staples. I had a lot of fun putting that list together, so I thought I’d do a full round up of some other things I’m loving that are not necessarily fashion related. These are the best of the best everyday purchases that I’ve worn or used over and over and over again in 2023…and will continue in 2024.

Best Everyday Purchases

Silicone Heel Protectors

Starting off strong with these silicone heel protectors. And I mean that LOL.

I truly have the worst time with shoes. I’ve come to realize I must have weird shaped feet and ankles because almost EVERY shoe bothers me at some point. That’s where these babies come in. I first found them when I was looking for ways to break in Chanel ballet flats, and they’re really great. I highly recommend adding to your shoes for a extra comfort!

Madewell Essential Tote

I bought this after seeing it in one of Madewell’s marketing campaigns. I waited almost a month and a half to purchase it, and I’m SO happy I did. It’s pretty much my every day bag considering I use it as my work bag. So yes, it fits a laptop!! I love the buckle detail, and it’s functional which makes it even better.

J.Crew Coats

There’s nothing worse than putting on one of your favorite outfits and THEN putting on a coat that *ruins* it. You know what I mean, right? J.Crew has some really incredible jackets & coats that are still super stylish. I purchased this coat in black and this one in grey and they are just too good. As weird as it sounds, I enjoy putting them on. Plus, they’re made with wool, so you know they’ll last you for years to come.

Cordless Vacuum

I’ll be honest, I didn’t actually make this purchase. Rob did. But to be fair I was the one that had to talk him out of purchasing a Dyson. I get they’re a superior vacuum, but I CANNOT justify that price. Rob ended up finding this for under $100 and it’s REALLY good for the price. The two cons I noticed: It’s not SUPER powerful (we only have one rug though), and the battery goes pretty quickly. But other than that – which I can deal with – it’s a really good lil vacuum, especially for us apartment peeps!

Mango Jeans

Every time I post these jeans, I get compliments and people are always asking where they’re from. I own three washes in this style and can confidently say they’re GREAT jeans. They are what I like to call the best “sitting jeans”. They are super stretchy, so you could get your normal size or size down one. I love the length – they’re petite friendly (I’m 5’2).

Youth To The People Cleanser

I’ve talked about this cleanser nonstop on Instagram and even on TikTok. I LOVE it. I love that it’s a gel based cleanser and it also foams nicely. It feels great when it’s on, and my skin just LOOKS cleaner after using. I love so much that I put one in our shower in addition to our medicine cabinet.

Lavender Nighttime Spray

When Rob and I moved in together, I wanted to make our apartment cozier. We bought this lavender melatonin spray to spray on our bed to make it a nice, cozy, calming space. Since it came in a pack of three, I also put one in the shower. Fun fact: I’m a night showerer, so this is the perfect addition to my nighttime routine.

Gap Puffer

Once I became a #dogmom, I realized I needed a puffer that I can throw on and go. The only other puffer I have is the Super Puff, and that is just TOO warm most days. I didn’t want to spend $$$, so I decided to do some research during Black Friday sales. I found this amazing cinched waist puffer and immediately ordered it. It is REALLY GOOD. I love the super tall collar, removable hood, fleece lined pockets, and (obviously) the cinched waist.

Stanley Cup Dupe

I never really understood the hype around the Stanley Cup (unless you’re talking to me about hockey of course). One day over the summer when I was at my sister’s house, I wanted a water bottle and she handed me this. It kept my water SO cold, even with the hot, humid temps. So I bought one for myself in my never ending attempt at drinking more water.

Lip Balms

2023 was the year of lip balms. That post has everything you need to know about what lip balms I recommend!

Okay, now I need to know: What are some of your best everyday purchases!?

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