Currently Crushing: Knee High Boots

7 Jackets For Fall and Winter: The Blazer Coat Knee High Boots 2024 When it comes to fashion, everyone has their thing. Ya know, their thing. The item that you really enjoy wearing because it makes you feel good and at your best. For me, that is a pair of knee high boots.

I don’t know what it is, but I LOVE putting together outfits with boots. Specifically with a 1.5-2in block heel;) Am I being too specific?!I think it’s because they give me some additional height, and help accentuate my legs more than usual. I’ve bought my fair share of boots, so I felt compelled to write about my personal favorite style of boot.

Best of Knee High Boots

Options, Options, Options

I love how many options there are. Plain and simple. There are so many different styles that are perfect for so many different personal styles. I, myself, have a couple of pairs that fit well for different kinds of outfit I like to wear.

Comfort Meets Style

Sometimes you just want to wear a big sweater and a pair of leggings. But when you pair them with knee high boots? It’s a brand new vibe. If you have a hectic week, a casual outfit is probably the way you want to go. But throwing on a pair of boots really makes a WORLD of a difference. Put together, polished, yet still insanely comfortable.

Knee High Boots Versatility

Knee high boots are surprisingly so versatile! I felt like all of these outfits I’ve shared give off different vibes. One of my personal favorites was what I wore for Thanksgiving. But that’s the beauty of knee high boots: Pair them with jeans, dresses, skirts, or leggings – there’s an outfit out there for everyone.

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