8 Wardrobe Must Haves

As I get older, I realize just how much I want to keep a CURATED closet. I’ll admit this is very hard for me as I’m VERY much a consumer. I always have been. If I want something, I’ll buy it. Lately, I’ve been doing a bit better and really honing in on what I already have vs. just buying something new only to realize I have something SUPER similar in my closet. I took a look at my closet, and found some pieces that are true wardrobe all stars for me. These wardrobe must haves are a mix of things I’ve owned for years + some newer things that are already staples!

My Wardrobe Must Haves

Wardrobe Must Haves


I’ve owned these jeans for about a year now and they are definitely my MOST WORN. When I first got them, I kind of hated how long they were, but loved the fit. I was just going to deal with that. Then I decided to be an adult and get them tailored. The result? An immediate induction into my wardrobe must haves. They are, in my opinion, the best wash & the best rigid denim. I think I reach for these more than any other pair I have.

Size Tip: I got my normal size in these. While they’re definitely snug (as is all rigid denim), they’ll eventually mold to your body after a couple of wears. I actually am probably a full size/size and a half bigger than the size I was when I got them and they still work because they’re just perfectly fitted for my body

Wardrobe Must Haves

Cashmere Sweaters

I remember when I first felt J.Crew cashmere. One of my college best friends worked at J.Crew and always let me borrow her sweaters, and I just LOVED them so much. It was an instant love. And since then, I’ve always gravitated towards yummy cashmere. The thicker the better. But with that, comes a price. Personally, I think the best brands for affordable, basic cashmere sweaters are J.Crew and Everlane. I’ve never tried the cashmere from this brand, but I’ve heard great things.

I’m OF COURSE slightly biased (since I work for J.Crew), but J.Crew has the best cashmere of all time. I actually think our cashmere is also affordable compared to other brands. Whether it’s a classic silhouette (but this is my favorite sweater we’ve ever made) or a fun novelty piece, I can promise you you’re going to keep these sweaters forever. I’ve been collecting J.Crew cashmere for years now. I always look forward to a fresh palette of colors season after season – and basics are always available of course.

Wardrobe Must Haves

J.Crew Chino Trench

I didn’t think I was going to love this coat as much as I do. But I saw this picture of an influencer wearing it, and I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I’ll preface it by saying it’s not your average trench coat. It’s definitely more of a “throw on and go fall coat”. I think I was most drawn to the length of it. It reminded me of a long coat my dad used to wear to work. It gives off such chic, cool girl vibes and I just LOVE wearing it. I just know I’m going to have this in my closet for years.

If you’re looking for something practical, then I’m always going to recommend this trench coat. I also own this for actual rainy days, and it’s definitely one of the best trench coats I’ve ever owned.

Frame Jetset Crop Mini Boot

Okay these are my newest obsession. The second I put these on I was like, “OH MY GOD THEY’RE SO GOOD”. They’re actually exactly what I’ve been wanting in my closet. They’re an in between of a cropped flare jean, but have the feeling of a legging. There aren’t any pockets, but I give them a pass because of how. freaking. comfortable. they. are. I guess it makes sense why they’re called the Jetset – they’re PERFECT for casual to a bit more dressed up to super dressed down for a flight. Fun fact: I changed my entire Thanksgiving outfit because I got these in the night before and I just NEEDED to wear them. I’m so happy they’re now part of my wardrobe must haves!

J.Crew Blazer

I bought this blazer in ivory last year (seen here), and have LOVED it ever since. When I found out we were doing it in black for this year, I could NOT wait for it to be available. It’s a great blazer jacket option – I wear it out and about in pretty cold temperatures. I wear it so often! It’s made of this incredible Italian boiled wool (also in one of my other favorite coats, the Daphne), making you feel super luxe no matter what else you’re wearing under it.

Madewell Bag

I’ve definitely raved about this bucket bag. And I still love it. BUT when I saw THIS bag, it was truly love at first sight. I waited a bit to bite the bullet to make sure that I really did want a navy suede bag. I decided it was a good staple, and I was very much right. I immediately put all of my things in it as soon as it arrived. I’ve now deemed it my work bag – it even fits my big work laptop! Aside from the gorgeous navy color, I love the functional wide buckle strap. I wear it longer when I’m using it for work, and wear it shorter when I wear it casually. I could NOT recommend this bag more – and it’s at such a great price.

Ballet Flats

I love that ballet flats made such a comeback. I’ve owned my Chanel ballet flats for years, but definitely had them tucked away in my closet for a couple of them. When I saw the resurgence on social media, I knew it was my time to shine. I added a couple of pairs between last year and this year, and it’s absolutely my most worn type of shoe. I wear ballet flats whenever I get the chance, even if that means my feet/ankles will be freezing. I think they really just pull together a look so effortlessly.

Classic Style Outfits

J.Crew Button Down

And last, but certainly not least…the button down. I’ve been wearing this one non-stop. I know it’s a bit pricey, so I wanted to link another similar fitting option. I own this one in black and khaki. I think an oversized button down is a crucial staple in just about anyone’s wardrobe. There’s something super effortless about it and can be worn with all different kinds of bottoms!

Do you have similar wardrobe must haves?

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    I LOVE how wearable and effortless these pieces are! Thank you for sharing! Impeccable!