Chanel Ballet Flats: Are They Worth It?

Chanel Ballet Flats: Are They Worth It?

As we’re approaching fall (sorry to all my summer lovers), I wanted to chat about one of the most talked about shoes – the Chanel Ballerina. I remember getting my very first pair of Chanel ballet flats in 2015 – they were a Christmas present and probably one of my favorites to date. As my style started evolving, my Chanel ballet flats began collecting a bit of dust. But last year, I’m so happy I rediscovered my love for them. And with the ballet flat trend seemingly sticking around (this post has outfit ideas!!!), I’m so happy I have these in my closet.

Chanel Ballet Flats Review

Are the Chanel ballet flats worth it?

100% YES. If you’re ready to splurge on a shoe, this is the one. I’ve been lucky enough to add a couple of pairs to my collection, and I will absolutely continue to do so. Shoes (and bags) are the two things I can typically justify splurging on. Pretty subjective (like I don’t understand why guys typically spend on golf clubs or cars). But for me, I enjoy designer shoes as a way to elevate my outfits, and they just make me happy. So to me…that’s worth it!

How do they run?

I believe they’re true to size. I have three pairs and two are 36 and one is a 36.5. 36 is probably closer to my true size, and I’m honestly kicking myself in the foot for not getting a 36 in my most recent pair. So if you’re between sizes, I would recommend going with your smaller size. If you’re near a Chanel boutique or department store that carries Chanel, you should try them on in stores! There are so many different materials that the Chanel ballet flats come in (lambskin, patent leather, tweed, velvet, etc.), so you definitely want to be a little more cautious and do your research.

Are Chanel ballet flats comfortable?

Like most shoes, I typically find that I need to break them in. The Chanel ballet flats are no different. The back of my ankles are weird, so if I have a new pair of shoes, they’re almost ALWAYS going to get irritated. I’m at the point where I don’t even try to wear a shoe without these pads. I do find that they get more comfortable with wear once they form to your foot. It might take a bit to get there, but once you do, the Chanel ballet flats will be some of the most comfortable shoes you own.

Any similar looks for less?

Since ballet flats are currently trending, there are some REALLY good options. I think these are the most similar, but also LOVE these. There are also always so many options on The Real Real or eBay, so definitely keep an eye out on what the selections look like. There ain’t any shame in buying secondhand!!!

How long will they last?

Honestly that’s up to you in terms of caring for them. For me, I run my shoes (quite literally) into the ground. I don’t mind the wear and tear on my designer shoes because that shoes I really just get my money’s worth. To be honest, my beige/black Chanel ballet flats are in ROUGH shape. I definitely need to get them re-soled. Since they’re made of lambskin, they’re pretty susceptible to scratches, scuffs, etc. – and mine are reflective of that. But again, I don’t mind. And like I said, I’ve had them since 2015. So it really depends on how you feel about wear and tear on your shoes, how often you’re wearing them, and where you’re wearing them (not gonna lie, I’ve definitely gotten caught in a thunderstorm in mine).

Will the Chanel ballet flats go out of style?

In my opinion, absolutely not. There’s truly no way such a classic and iconic shoe shape can go out of style. Sure, if I think about when my personal style was going through a transition period, I didn’t wear them nearly as much as I do now (or when I first got them). But look, almost eight years later, they’re STILL in my closet. I love to splurge on items that I know I’ll have in my closet forever, and you’ll see that the Chanel ballet flats are just that. It’s so crazy to me HOW many outfits I can wear them with. I’m constantly trying on different shoes with different looks, and I usually can count on my flats to complete the look.

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