Updating Your Wardrobe With Textures

tips for adding texture to your outfit

Maybe it’s because I’ve been working in the fashion industry for eight years, but there is something so perfect about fall fashion. And I never could put my finger on it until now — THE TEXTURES. Sure, layering is KEY during fall, but I mean, when you start adding texture to your outfit? Well, you can just than me later.

To me, a memorable outfit has depth to it. Depth through texture is what makes an outfit feel special and brought to life. The best thing about adding texture to your outfit is the level of contrast you’ll get between fabrics (ex: polished vs. dull, flowy vs. structured, edgy vs. feminine). And I believe fall is the BEST time to play around with textures.

Here are a few tips to get you adding texture to your outfits.

Identify neutral textures: This is similar to mixing and matching prints. Simple textures can serve as almost a “neutral” base for wilder textures. Neutral textures can be as easy as something like a merino wool sweater.

Consider the typical “look”: Textured pieces evoke specific moods/vibes. If we take silk, for an example, it lends a luxurious vibe to your outfit. Flannel is typically used for cozy looks, but when you pair it with leather you can make it into a more serious ‘fit. Think about the context in which you might wear a certain textured piece…and then pair it with something else;) This post gives a few examples of different types of looks and textures.

Match colors, mix textures: For me, I always find it easier to stick with a limited color palette. It gives you a bit more free range to play with other textures.

A few textures that pair nicely together:

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