5 Pairs of Jeans I Love

Over the last few years, I’ve really felt proud of my denim collection. So when I thought about trendy jeans for fall, I enjoyed testing and finding new pairs that I love. I used to be very much a skinny jean ONLY gal. When I started working for Free People, my boss wore these Levi’s and I thought they looked really cool (and yes, this was in 2018 BEFORE Gen Z told us skinny jeans are out…). So I think that’s really when I started realizing how much I actually love denim. Denim is definitely tricky.

And why?

I know denim sizing is OFF in every single brand. I often buy multiple sizes in jeans because I just KNOW the size I think I might need probably won’t work out. I feel like denim is the one common ground we share as women when it comes to feeling down about our bodies. So I’m here to tell you that clothes are made to fit you, and not the other way around. PLEASE don’t focus on the size on the tag. I have A LOT of pairs of jeans and they are in multiple sizes.

Pinch Waist High Rise Kick Jeans

This is my newest pair of jeans, and I am LOVING them SO much. They feel like the perfect mid wash denim, and I’ve always loved rigid denim. Fair warning: I had to order 3 sizes before finding what fits me. Based on reviews, most people say A.Golde runs super small, but I’m finding that I can fit into my true denim size – I own 4 pairs of A.Golde shorts and 3 pairs of jeans – and I’ve had to either get my true size or down down 1-2 sizes in styles. WE LOVE CONSISTENCYYYYYYYYYYYY (*sarcasm). I also found a similar pair that is under $80!

Style Tip: I love wearing these jeans with oversized sweaters and flats!

Riley Straight Leg

This pair of jeans were my first pair of A.Golde jeans (I got them in 2020), and I really do love them. Since they’re the cropped version, they hit me at the perfect length, and I love wearing them with sandals, sneakers, and booties. When I first got them, they were TIGHT. I’m pretty sure all A.Golde jeans are rigid denim, so they don’t have any give the first few wears. Over time though, I do find that the waist gives a BIT, so keep that in mind.

Style Tip: A front or full tuck with these jeans is THE. WAY. TO. GO. 

90s Straight Leg

When I saw these jeans were out at J.Crew, I knew I needed them. I also have these A.Golde, but I think I’m very much over ripped jeans (except for my beloved pair of Levi’s mentioned above). They’re a really great wash, and they’re SUPER soft because they’re a cotton/lyocell blend. I take my normal size for J.Crew – which is typically 1 size up from my size in other jeans.

Style Tip: I like experimenting with the types of shoes I wear with these jeans — fisherman sandals, ballet flats, and sneakers!

Barrel Jeans

I was gifted two pairs of these Everlane jeans, and I really enjoy them. I’ve been finding that I even wear the white pair more often than the black. I love the cool, relaxed fit of these jeans. I find them INCREDIBLY comfortable. In these, I would definitely size down though as I find they run a bit large.

Style Tip: I normally like being proportionate with my outfits, but for some reason I LOVE the entire oversized/baggy look with these jeans!

Wide Leg

Much like the barrel jeans from Everlane, I really love their Way High Wide Leg. I had been looking for a light wash pair of jeans, and happened to stumble upon them. They are a GREAT pair of jeans, and I loved the fit so much that I purchased the trouser version (if you follow me on Instagram, you know that I LOVE these trousers SO MUCH).

Style Tip: Pair a cropped top or something that is closer to the body with these jeans. I also LOVE them with heels – HELLO LONG LEGS!

Which trendy jeans for fall are you feeling right now?!

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