Outfits To Wear With Ballet Flats

I really, really, really love ballet flats. There is something SO classic about them – maybe it’s the easy slip-on design or the little bow that perfectly completes them on more traditional pairs. And with proper styling, this shoe is an actual STAR, a standout piece if you will.  The ballet flat had a bit of a revival moment when they were going viral on TikTok. But that’s the thing with classic trends: I don’t really consider them trends? Isn’t that the point of them being classic? When I got my first pair of Chanel ballet flats in 2015, I was completely in love. I still own that pair, and since then have added two others that I really love.

How To Style Chanel Ballet Flats

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The revival of ballet flats comes after a prolonged period of chunky, lug soles. To be honest, I wasn’t really feeling lug soles anymore due to a shift back to my truest form personal style. Deep down, I’ve always gravitated toward classic, staple wardrobe pieces. I think these staples are becoming a more important part of the fashion lexicon, and that can be why ballet flats have made their way back into almost every cool girl’s closet.

While my style leans more classic, there are plenty of modern ways to style these elegant and quite practical flats. For me, adding a lady jacket with my ballet flats feels completely timeless. I styled them with trousers for the first time, and felt that it was such a polished look. I’m also really excited to style my ballet flats with a bit of a contemporary twist – wearing them with looser denim shapes. I think this is a really cool, fresh take on the classic look.


photos by allie provost & lydia hudgens

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