Baccarat Rouge Dupe

Baccarat Rouge Dupe

I often talk about splurge purchases – and for me, it’s usually bags and shoes. I realized just how subjective splurge purchases are – someone else might not enjoy spending their money on bags or shoes. And that brings me to today’s topic: fragrance. I was never really a big fragrance gal. Sure, I HAD perfumes growing up (who remembers Pink Sugar?!), but as I got older I found myself audibly gasping at how EXPENSIVE fragrance is!! Again, if that’s your thing – disregard this entire post. BUT if fragrance isn’t something you want to spend your money on…then let’s keep chatting. We know Baccarat is the crème de la crème of fragrance. But $325 for a fragrance? Nope, not for this gal. BUT, don’t worry, I found the best Baccarat Rouge dupe!

Best Baccarat Rouge Dupe

I can’t take credit for finding this Baccarat Rouge dupe. A coworker told me about it, and when she brought it in for us to try I was SHOOK. I’ve only smelled Baccarat Rouge a handful of times, yet I remember it. Ugh it’s delicious. It’s so chic. So when I smelled this perfume from Zara, I needed it. You want to smell like the people who either 1. Are rich as hell or 2. Enjoy a splurge on fragrance…then this perfume is for you.

After doing some research, Zara’s Red Temptation has most two of the main notes — saffron and jasmine — making it a perfect Baccarat Rouge dupe.

After testing the Zara fragrance for a few weeks, I do notice that it doesn’t last ALL day. But it’s close enough for me. And at $30? Say no more.

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