Sleep Sets To Dream About

I’m NOT a sleep set girl. I need to be in as little clothing as possible when I’m going to bed. I mean come on…the idea of having to fuss with your jammies while you’re trying to sleep? NO THANKS. Also I need to talk to someone who enjoys sleeping in pants. Like….don’t they ride up?! Again, NO THANKS.

Okay now that you’ve heard my spiel (lol spelling this word out gets me every time) on hating sleep sets, I want to throw you for a loop. Hear me out: Sleep sets, but not for ACTUAL sleep. I know, it’s a groundbreaking concept. Wear them together to lounge and then either take one off (for me, I’m a no pants kinda girl for sleep). I decided to round up some super cute sets in addition to the ones I ordered.

Best Sleep Sets

Cute Sleep Sets

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