6 Recent Beauty & Fashion Finds

I’ve been doing a liiiiiiiiittle bit of shopping lately. I’ll admit, I haven’t really been shopping anywhere other than J.Crew lately – sorry, not sorry…our stuff is just too good. But over the last few weeks I’ve really been branching out;) I wanted to share some of my latest beauty & fashion finds with you!

6 Recent Beauty & Fashion Finds

Recent Fashion Finds

Bronzing Drops

I’ve been seeing these everywhere, and they were finally back in stock at my Sephora. I decided to give them a try since I’m in my “self tanning” phase. These aren’t tanning drops in the traditional sense – when you mix in with a serum or moisturizer it gives you a little bronzed glow. And since I don’t wear bronzer, I figured these would be good for me. The jury is still out on them. I think they’re a little bit expensive for how much you get, but a little does seem to go a long way.

Mini Floral Dress

I saw this dress and immediately thought it was SO cute. I love little mini dresses, and the little feminine details were just too cute to pass up. Although summer is almost over, I know she’ll be a cute one to have in my closet for years. It was on sale, so it’s a steal in my opinion;)

Cute Bra & Leggings Set

Rob and I went over to the West Side Highway over the weekend, and I saw someone in this set. I was like WAIT SO CUTE. It was actually in a gorgeous green color, but naturally it’s a limited edition one and sold out. I know SET active is big with the TikTok and wellness girlies, but I actually don’t know much about the brand. I picked up this bra and these leggings. I feel like they’re a cute “hot girl walk” (lol are we still doing those?) outfit come fall.

Boxer Sets

Boxers are very quickly becoming the next Birkenstock clogs of the Internet. When J.Crew launched these sets, I HAD to scoop them up. I think the under $100 price point is SUCH a steal for pieces that can be worn separate or together, for bed or for leisure. I got both the pink and the blue stripes and I’m SO excited to style some looks for early fall.

Linen Shorts

I found these shorts and had to purchase them. I’ve been a big fan of these Everlane shorts, but mine are a BIT too snug on me at the moment. I wanted to find something equally as comfortable, but wouldn’t break the bank. I stumbled upon these for $35, and they’re PERFECT! They also come in a couple of colors.

Phone Bag

Some days I don’t feel like bringing a bag with me at all – especially on the weekend when I’m running around. But then I run in the dilemma of either not wearing anything with pockets (a cardinal sin, I know) or not wanting to weigh down my outfit by stuffing my phone, wallet, and keys in the pockets. Well here’s the cure: this bag.

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