What To Pack In Your Carry On Bags

What To Pack In Your Carry On Bag

I can’t believe it’s been a few weeks since I was in Detroit for The Eras Tour and in London for Love on Tour. I meant to post this before the trip, BUT ya know, life. In order to reduce my anxiety as much as possible, I used this post as a way to make sure I was packed accordingly. I don’t have a fear of flying at all, but my anxiety takes over if I’m thrown off my routine or if things don’t go the way I’ve already planned in my head – aka all the things that could go wrong going through security. When it comes to what to pack in your carry on, I think I got you covered.

What To Pack In Your Carry On Bags

To bring

I’m a weirdo and I genuinely like thinking about what my carry on bag is going to be. I blame it on the fact that I love schlepping my big bags around. I got this bag from J.Crew, and it’s SO perfect. I’ve been using it for my work bag as well. It’s roomy enough to fit my in-flight necessities, but not big enough to overpack (because I’m notorious for that).

Now for my actual carry on luggage. I’ve been using this luggage for as long as I can remember. When they first came out, I was SO excited about them, even though I wasn’t an avid traveler. I just thought they were super cool and sleek. I remember the brand gifting me the carry on, and I’ve been hooked since.

To clean

I think we all know planes are just gigantic cesspools for germs. Even before 2020, I was very conscious about being as hygienic as possible on a flight. I always have hand wipes for myself and also to wipe down the seat, tray arm rest, etc. I also just got this spray hand sanitizer (okay fine, I got two different scents) and I just think they’re so cute! It also doesn’t dry out my hands, which is a major bonus!

To hydrate

There is nothing worse than the dry air on planes. So to combat this, we need to stay hydrated – both internally and externally. I’m a sucker and I opt to buy the largest Smartwater available in the airport. I try to drink a lot before I get on the plane (and go to the restroom before boarding), and then of course drink throughout the flight.

As for my skin – let me break it down for you:

To entertain

If I’m not sleeping, I need to keep myself busy on a flight. I like to disconnect when I’m on vacation, but I do like to bring my laptop so that I can get work done for the blog on the plane!

This is also my first time traveling with my AirPod Pro Max headphones. I’m excited to see how the noise cancelling feature holds up on a flight. When I’m not listening to my Harry Styles & Taylor Swift playlist, I plan on opting for a relaxing sleep meditation to relax (more on that below).

To relax

I haven’t been on a “longer” flight since 2019 when I went to Croatia and then Vegas. I usually am able to sleep a couple of hours on the plane, but obviously, it’s not great. So I do try to make my in-flight experience as comfy as possible. Since our flight to London was an overnight flight, I felt like I needed to double down on the comfy things. I’m usually either sweating or freezing, so I do like to dress in layers. I most definitely bring a chunky sweater that I can essentially wrap myself up in. Next, I’m definitely bringing my eye mask – I feel like it’s an absolute MUST for red eyes. And finally, I’m most likely going to take one of my anxiety meds just to help me relax and get sleepy.

To keep (nearby)

Of course, we need to travel with our important documents. I like to have both a paper and digital copy of all of my important things – passport, license, credit card. You just NEVER know! I feel a little more comforted that you can lock a note on your iPhone, so that’s where I keep the images.

To have

Okay now let’s dive into what’s in my carry on. I’m not trying to put this out in the universe, so I’ll just say what I’m packing in my actual carry on;)

  • 2 outfits + my concert outfits….just in case
  • Toiletries – love the idea of freshening up before hopping off the plane and waiting for my room to be ready
  • Undies (if you’re a girl, YOU KNOW)
  • Chargers (/international)

Okay, and there’s my suggestion on what to pack in your carry on. Am I missing anything?

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