Summer Things – What You Need To Beat The Heat

Oh yeah, we’re officially in the THICCCCCCK of summer. Sure, our days are longer, but man, the humidity just doesn’t seem to let us. Especially in New York City. So let’s talk about the absolute essentials you need to beat the heat. When I don’t know what to wear during a heat wave, I am coming back to these pieces.

What to wear to beat a heat wave

What To Wear During A Heat Wave

The “not a baseball hat” hat

While I do love a good baseball hat moment, sometimes it just doesn’t go with the outfit I want to wear. I also used to be a major hat girl, but realized it was more of a fall/winter thing. And my current solution when you want to keep your face covered in the heat? A bucket hat. And not just any bucket hat – this one. I wore it during vacation, and now it’s becoming a staple for those hot days and also bad hair days. I’ve also been reaching for this hat – it’s one of THE best and well priced hats I’ve ever seen.

Stylish Swim

Swimsuits are truly such a polarizing topic. And when you’re looking for swimsuits, they’re mostly BAD BAD BAD. In the past, I’ve usually just worn whatever I felt looked “fine” on me. I recently wrote a post about some good black bathing suits that are under $100! I used to be very cautious about the types of bathing suits to get because I would bake in the sun and didn’t want tan lines. Now that I’m in my 30s and am trying to limit my sun exposure, I’ve started leaning into cute swimsuits. When I was on vacation, I wore this one shoulder bow swimsuit with my linen pants and it essentially just looked like a v. cute outfit.

Chic sunglasses 

I’m all about a good pair of sunglasses. Sunglasses are something I’ll always splurge on, and I just love how they elevate any look you’re wearing. I really have been gravitating towards my Celine sunglasses – they really go with everything.

Summer face

I’m probably the LAST person to be giving beauty recommendations, but there ARE a couple of products I always have on my face in the summer.

Casual shorts

I don’t think I’m bold enough to wear actual men’s boxers out and about…yet. But luckily, retailers seem to have caught the trend, and now there are a lot of crisp poplin sets. Madewell has some really great options. If you want something a BIT more substantial, I really love these shorts from Everlane. I love when I can wear shorts that I can wear casually, but also throw on a strappy sandal or heel to dress them up!

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  1. 2.26.24

    I live in California so we get heat waves very often. You are right on point with the staple summer picks. My fav this summer will be the bucket hat! Great fashion statement and deals with bad hair days.