Why You Need The Adella Bralette In Your Life

I may not have been at Free People for a long time, but I know a good product when I see one.

And a good product is the Adella bralette.

As soon as I started working for Free People, I knew about the Adella. It’s one of our most popular and best selling bralettes that WILL NOT DIE. Our girls love it, and I love it too. I was hesitant to purchase it for whatever reason…I was like, “Oh, I’m probably not going to wear it”. But NOPE, I was WRONG.

I ordered black, and literally never looked back. Since then I’ve purchased 8 colors…and there’s no sign of stopping (since we produce new colors each delivery). I’ve raved about it during my Friday Edits, but I felt the need to dedicate an ENTIRE POST to the wonderful Adella bralette.

It’s comfortable (for big and small chested gals)

No joke, I wear an Adella almost every day. It’s THAT comfortable. We always joke that the office that I’ve officially become THAT girl.

Perfect for layering

Sometimes I just wanna wear a shirt or a sweater…but it’s a bit too revealing or sheer. Instead of risking show all the goodies (like in the sweater I’m wearing above), I throw an Adella underneath! The front is so sexy and detailed, that it’s perfect for a low cut top or sweater and the back is cute and ruched.

And yes…you can get away with it as a crop top.

I mean, to each is own, but you can definitely get away with wearing the Adella as a crop top. It’s actually a great festival top, and we see A LOT of it.

So basically, YES. You need this bralette in your life. In pretty much every single color. It’s also at a great price point for the quality, design, and versatility. Let me know if you plan on purchasing!

photos by allie provost

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