March 2019 Reads

A look at what I read in March!

The Child

Honestly, this one was pretty disappointing. I just COULDN’T get into it. I thought I’d for sure love it because I LOVED Barton’s book The Widow. But this one just didn’t grasp my attention the way her books normally do. I’d probably give this book a 2.5/5 star recommendation, BUT I’m definitely going to give some more of her books a chance.

The Breakdown

My intern recommended this book, and I LOVEEEEEED it. Honestly, it gave me anxiety from start to finish and I loved that.

The book is about a woman who saw a broken down car in the woods one night…and didn’t stop to help. It ends up being that the woman in the car was murdered. And Cass has been forgetting every little thing since — her car, her pills, her alarm code. But she can’t forget the guilt. Oh…and she’s receiving silent calls on top of feeling like she’s being watched.

Seriously from start to finish I was SO anxious. I really like how the story ended – I didn’t see a lot of it coming!

Reconstructing Amelia

Another book recommended by my intern (maybe she should just start writing these monthly reviews LOL), and another book I loved.

I love any book that takes place in New York, especially thrillers. So this book was right up my alley: A book about a mysterious death and a mother who wouldn’t stop until she found out about the truth about what REALLY happened to her daughter on the roof of her school. Reconstructing Amelia is about cliques, bullying, and love.

HIGHLY recommend this one!



Holy crap you guys. I think this might be the most intense/best book I’ve ever read. I’m honestly still shook from what happened. The amount of twists and turns are insane, and kept me turning the page. I read this in 2 days, I really just COULD NOT put it down.

The book is about a struggling writer who ends up in contract to finish a series of books that the original author could not finish due to injuries. When Lowen (the new writer) starts the research process in Verity’s (original author) home office, she discovers a grueling autobiography that reveals deep, dark secrets. And when she finds herself falling for the author’s husband…it’s hard for her to continue on without saying anything.

Honestly, Verity was SO disturbing, SO sick, and SO GOOD. If you don’t read this, you’re missing out.

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