Why Allie & I Make Such A Good Team

I often see comments like this, “You and Allie are such a good team.”

And I see it more and more.

It’s true: Allie and I are pretty much a package deal. From traveling to blogging to eating to EVERYTHING in between, I realized we actually do make a fabulous team.

We’re friends FIRST.

Allie and I knew each other before blogging was a thing. When we met at Kate Spade, my blog was pretty much just beginning, Instagram was HARDLY a thing, and we actually didn’t talk about it much at all. We’ve grown our friendship in the most organic way possible, and always think about how we’re friends first before being “blogger friends”. We know everything about each other, and I love that we had our friendship before stepping into the blogging world.

We’re brutally honest.

At times, I REALLY don’t want to hear what Allie has to say. And the same goes for her to me. But that’s really what friends are for: To tell you like it is. Allie and I have zero issue getting into an argument, only to realize it’s dumb and make up 10 seconds later. I actually pride our friendship on it being super honest. I think that’s why we’re as good of friends as we are.

We celebrate each other.

If something big happens to me, Allie is one of the first people I go to – whether it’s blogging related or not. I’m 98% sure she comes to me for this as well. It’s really nice to have someone in my corner 24/7, and who just truly GETS my successes in this blogging world…and is willing to celebrate them with me!

We credit each other for a lot.

Let’s face it, once Allie helped me get serious about my Instagram aesthetic and overall my photography in general, people noticed. Thanks to her, my business wouldn’t be where it is today. And like, not to toot my own horn, but she credits me for helping her start her blog and her photography business. It’s pretty cool to know that we both helped the other get to where we are today.

photos by obinna obioma

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