My Post Workout Routine

I have two post workout routines: Weekday and weekend.

Weekday Post-Workout Routine

You most likely know this already, but I typically go to SoulCycle every Monday, Wednesday, and sometimes Thursdays. On Monday and Wednesday, I try to double – so I’m looking at 3-5 classes per weekday.

Unfortunately, I work out at night because 1: I would have to leave my house SUPER early to get into the city for a morning class, and 2. None of my favorite instructors teach early enough (or sometimes too early LOL). People forever tell me I’m crazy that I take TWO classes from 6:30-8:15 because that means I don’t get home until about 9:30-9:45. It’s a lot. I know, but working out is important to me!

On nights where I double, my post-work out routine is pretty simple: I drink A LOT of water, and make one of my Isagenix shake for the way home. If I’m looking to have a little crunch or something, I’ll eat one of my Isagenix protein bars.

By the time I get home, I’m REALLY tired. So I shower, do my skincare routine, and then get into bed. And that’s pretty much it.

Weekend Post-Workout Routine

My friends and I love a good Saturday or Sunday SoulCycle class. So I come into the city for either Saturday 10:45 or Sunday 10:45 class. After Soul, we usually shower really quick then head to Juice Press for post-Soul smoothies. Mantas usually runs for his 12:45 class, and sometimes a lot of us will go back and double…but if not, THEN BRUNCH IT IS. DUH. Usually. If it’s not brunch, then sometimes we’ll head to a yoga class to stretch.

I’m running around a lot on the weekend, especially when I have SoulCycle, so I always make sure to have some Isagenix snacks and or protein bars with me.

Saturdays are actually one of my favorite days of the week – and my post-SoulCycle routine has a lot to do with it!

What’s your go-to post work out routine?!

photos by allie provost



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