Pop Fizz Travel: Hotel Monaco

Although I don’t travel much, I always make it a rule that I must travel to a great hotel. 

I love hotels. I love the beds. I love the cozy pillows. I love when there is a rain shower head. I love the feeling of coming into a clean room when you’ve been out all day. I love waking up and looking out the window to some unfamiliar territory. Hotels are just cool.

So when Matt and I decided to go to Chicago for a few days (neither of us had ever been), I knew I needed to find a good place to stay. And Hotel Monaco certain DID NOT disappoint. In fact, it exceeded my expectations.

We arrived really early on Saturday morning, so our room wasn’t ready for about 5 hours. Bummer. BUT, when we finally got to our room, we opened the door to a beautiful one-room suite with an insane river view. It was so beautiful. And a nice little surprise was waiting for me on the table! What a way to start our vacation, huh?!

The best part of the room – the fact that every window had a comfy cushion for a little window seat. Matt and I would eat some snacks and look out at the city/river and even take a quick 20 minute power nap in the window – it was so cute and definitely a nice touch!

The bathroom was also super spacious with a lot of storage space for my make up, curling iron, brushes…oh and I just Matt’s stuff too 😉

Over the next few days we were in and out of the hotel quite often – and every time we were sent off or greeted by the friendliest staff. Is it just me or is everyone just plain old friendlier outside of New York?! Or maybe Hotel Monaco just hires the happiest people! It was definitely a nice way to start or end our days!

Another perk of staying at Hotel Monaco? The proximity to everything. Seriously! Nothing was more than 20 minutes away or more than a $10 cab ride…or even a short walk to the train stations! It was nice to feel like we could go anywhere and not have it be such a hassle to get to from our hotel.

Things To Do in Chicago:

Visit Wrigleyville/See a Cubs game: This was definitely the highlight of our trip. It was cool to see another fan base that’s super passionate about their team. And to visit a ballpark that’s over 100 years old!

Eat at RPM (Bill and Guilana Rancic’s restaurant): Famously known for their squid ink pasta!

Go out to the Skydeck at the Willis Tower: We did this our last day in Chicago and it was pretty cool. I’m not really afraid of heights, but looking down from 103 stories made my stomach flip a bit. But it did make for a cool Snapchat video and nice photos 😉

Visit Millennium Park: The Bean is a cool touristy attraction that’s great for photos! There’s also a cool garden (where these photos were taken) and an amazing restaurant (Wildberry Pancakes) across the street!

Thank you Hotel Monaco for an amazing weekend stay during our first trip to Chicago – we will definitely be back soon!

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