Favorite Coffee Shops in New York City

Best Coffee Shops in NYC

If you’ve been around for a while, you’ll know that I’m an iced coffee/latte lover. (I’ve also recently started making iced matcha lattes at home, and THOSE ARE GREAT TOO). I don’t know when I made it my personality to drink iced beverages all year round, but I did it (this post has one of my favorite iced beverage accessories too). And a lot of you also associate iced drinks with me, so that’s my ultimate flex. With that being said, I wanted to share (what I think are) the best coffee shops in NYC!

Best Coffee Shops In NYC

Daniel’s Iced Coffee & More

My absolute GO TO coffee shop. And yes, I’ll walk 20 blocks for their coffee. Oh and everyone who works there is just as incredible as their coffee. They have a new menu every season, and although we love trying new drinks, one drink has an absolute chokehold on me. I get an iced NYC (black & white mocha) with an extra shot and oat milk. It’s just SUCH a delicious treat, and I love starting my weekends off with it. But they have such a creative menu – there’s no other coffee shop I’d recommend more!

Butler Bakeshop & Espresso Bar

Rob and I actually stumbled upon Butler when we were walking around downtown – it’s on the cusp of NoLita. I was VERY pleasantly surprised. I’ve gotten iced lattes and mochas, and Rob gets Americanos…and they’ve been delicious every time! For whatever reason, we had a hard time finding good coffee shops when we ventured downtown, so I’m glad we have a good go-to place!


Although I’ve seen Matto locations all around the city, I didn’t realize how insanely priced they are. When you order on the app, everything is $2.50!!! Nope, that’s not a joke either. I will say I don’t LOVE their drinks, but you really can’t beat the price. Essentially, they get the job done when you need that little caffeine buzz.


I feel like Maman was ALL. THE. RAGE when they opened their first location in SoHo in 2014. Since then, they’ve become a global coffee shop and I’ve been to most of the locations in New York City. I was so excited that a location opened right on the corner of my apartment! They have a wonderful menu (and their pastries are delicious).

For Five

My first For Five experience was when I started working at J.Crew. There’s a For Five in our office building, and it was DELICIOUS. I love getting it as a treat (or when I don’t have Nespresso pods to make my iced latte at home). I will say, they’re quite pricey – my iced caramel latte usually comes out to $8.45 – so believe me when I say…this is ALWAYS a treat for me, and not something I get every time I’m in the office.

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