What To Do When You’re Just Over It

You know there are just some days when you’re quite literally OVER IT.

I know it’s super millennial of me, but sometimes you simply are over it. “It” can be your job, your relationship, a friendship, a hobby, anything.

Take a step back and re-evaluate “it”

Whatever “it” is that you’re over, just take a step away from it. Mentally. Obviously, if it’s your career, it’s going to be a little hard to do so if you’re in that traditional 9-to-5.  If “it” is something that involves a friend or significant other, this step is especially important. Even though it seems selfish, taking a step back will benefit everyone involved. Regardless, it’s still really important to separate your immediate feelings from rational thoughts. Evaluating your feelings can help you get to the root of why you’re pretty much over whatever “it” is.

Do something new for yourself.

Whether it’s taking a new work out class, or finally asking that new friend out for dinner or drinks, just do something for yourself. It might be out of your comfort zone, but it might open up your eyes to something new. It will also take your mind off whatever “it” is that you’re just done with. I think self care is the most important thing we can do for our mentality.

Is this long term or short term?

This is probably the biggest thing to think about: Is what you’re feeling temporary? Or is it something you just know you won’t be able to shake? Being able to differentiate between temporary and longer term feelings will help you figure out what your next steps are. For instance, I’m going to be totally candid: When I started my job, I was super overwhelmed and it lead to me to being unhappy. I was second guessing the decision I made to leave my great job at Perry Ellis because I realized I wouldn’t be doing the exact same thing.

I automatically assumed this was a bad thing, and made myself really unhappy. Part of this was because I just had NO idea what I was doing in this new role. And the other part was me being close-minded about having to essentially start a “new” career path. Over time, I realized these feelings were only temporary.

I put on my big girl pants, stopped complaining, and became open to learning everything I could about this role I was now taking on. And look, everything honestly turned out just fine. Now that I’m pretty much six months into my job, I can say that those feelings were definitely temporary.

Overall, there’s nothing more frustrating when you’re just not feeling “right”. Especially when you can’t your finger on why you’re over it.

photos by allie provost

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