Elle’s Edit: Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Did you know that Mother’s Day is only 10 days away?

When it comes to Mother’s Day, if you are anything like me, you get overwhelmed on what to get your mom because you just want to give her the entire world. Right? I’ve always had a hard time when it comes to giving Mother’s Day gifts so I always tend to keep it pretty low key but always write a thoughtful letter. Any mom knows but they LOVE a good handwritten card from their daughter/son confessing their love for them. It is a simple and easy gesture that goes a long way.

Candle. Every mom loves candles or anything household related. Some of my favorite candles are Chesapeake Bay or Woodwick.  They smell incredible and last a long time! The best part about Woodwick is that it is a wooden wick so it sounds like a campfire. So cool!

Flight / Trip. This Mother’s Day I decided to buy my mom a trip to NYC to visit me during the fourth of July. I understand it is SO far away but my mom loves having something to look forward to and on the calendar. You can also surprise your mom for a weekend getaway where it is just the two of you!

Spa package. Who doesn’t love the spa? It doesn’t even have to be a full expensive spa package but it can be just a gift card to get a manicure and pedicure. Every mom deserves to be pampered on their special day.

Flowers. Goes without saying but flowers make the perfect gift. You can pick them up on your way to see your mom that weekend or get them delivered! As easy as that.

Cooking class. When I go down to Florida to visit my parents, my mom and I always take a cooking class at Sur la table and absolutely love it! It is so much fun to do something together especially when it comes to food!

What are you doing to celebrate your momma this year?

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