April 2019 Reads

A complete review of what I read for the month!

April was a bit of a slow reading month for me, unfortunately. While I wish I could read more, there was nothing really available in my NYPL library app, and I started a book that I just didn’t love (The Seasonnaires – going to give it another try though)

The Perfect Nanny

I don’t know how I found this book, but I did, and I thought I was going to LOVE it.

Unfortunately, the first page of the book was the best part. You know I’m SO into psychological thrillers with tons of twists and turns…and this book just didn’t have those elements. It was more of a character observation of the nanny. It’s actually based on a true story of an Upper East Side tragedy involving a nanny and the family she worked for.

Would I recommend this? If you’re into thrillers like me…then no, I wouldn’t recommend it. But if you like learning more about characters and really getting inside their minds, then yes, I do recommend.

Final Girls

I rented this book from the library on a whim, and ended up really enjoying this. I definitely didn’t see the twist that was coming.

This book is about Quincy Carpenter who survived a massacre and is trying to live her life (with a Xanax prescription to help). Until one woman, who also survived a massacre, commits suicide. When the other “final girl” comes to find Quincy and seemingly just wants to make Qunicy relive the details of the past, Quincy isn’t too sure about Sam’s motives. As the book goes on, Quincy is determined to race against time as she tries to unravel the truth about Sam and remember what really happened at Pine College that night.

Currently reading: The Perfect Liar — Cannot wait to get more into this book! Stay tuned for my review next month!

What did you cross off your To Be Read list this month?


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