Iced Coffee Season

Three things you’ll take away from this post:
1. I’m thrilled that it’s iced coffee season.
2. I bought these earrings in three colors.
3. The sandals I’m wearing might be the edgiest/sexiest ones I’ve ever bought.

Recently, I’ve become a huge fan of statement earrings. Wanna hear the real reason why? Mostly because I wear my hair up with them – a.k.a I don’t do my hair. Not even brush it. WINNING.

My mother always tells me and my sister look good with our hair pulled back in a ponytail, so I’m basically just doing as my mother says. Isn’t that what you’re supposed to do?

And now onto the sandals. On my last day in California, me and my best friend were walking through the Promenade (a great place for shopping, so so so many stores) and stumbled upon this little shoe boutique. I first saw these Dolce Vita shoes, but then put them away and found myself trying on a pair of Birkenstocks

I wasn’t completely sold on them, so I turned to walk away and these sandals basically tripped me up. My friend tried them on first, and after seeing how badass she looked in them, I knew I needed a pair for myself (if we were the same size, I totally would have stole them from her).

…then I needed to make room in my suitcase for them (amongst other things). But that’s another story for a rainy day.

Also, iced coffee. All the iced coffee. Especially the $2 iced coffee from a food truck outside my office. I mean, to be honest, I drink iced coffee all year round. But it’s nice to walk around with an iced coffee and not have my hand freeze off.

Shirt: Free People (old)
Jacket: Bird by Juicy Couture (old)
Pants: Zara (similar)
Sandals: Dolce Vita
Earrings: Kendra Scott ‘Danielle’
Clutch: Free People
Sunglasses: Ray Ban 


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