Unfinished Business

I’m kind of a HUGE fan of ripped jeans (seen here and here). Clearly I like boyfriend jeans too. And then these Topshop jeans waltzed right into my life, pretty unexpectedly.  Here’s what happened…

One afternoon, I was shopping at Nordstrom with my mom and I really wanted a pair of white denim (preferably ripped denim…particularly these). I found them, ran to the fitting room ANDDDDD……

I HATED THEM. Absolutely hated them. They showed everything that I didn’t want to be seen, and made my hips look SO large and in charge. I even sized up…and still hated the way they looked. Basically, I was sad. Even my mom hated them on me – which is weird, because moms are supposed to tell you that you look nice in everything. Except for the time my mom hated this look. (HEY MOM.)

I went back out on the floor and pulled a few more pieces into the fitting room. Once again. Hated them all. And then I decided to try something really new.

High-waisted, dark grey, destroyed denim. With a frayed hem. And I loved them. Obviously. They’re the perfect length (I’m 5’2, but they also come in long), they’re stretchy (but don’t lose their shape), and I basically wear them twice a week…not including weekends (soooo like 4 times a week).

Also, I have no idea when I thought it would be cool to throw a dress on over jeans, but I did it. Probably because I love dresses, but it’s still not warm enough to go barelegged – so close, yet so far. Anyway…….ASOS has some of the cutest swing dresses I’ve ever seen, ADD TO CART.

Dress: Free People (almost identical here)
Jeans: Topshop @ Nordstrom
Jacket: Levi’s (very similar here)
Heels: J.Crew
Sunglasses: Karen Walker


Lydia Hudgens Photography

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