The Beauty Edit: November

A look at the beauty, skincare, and self care products I’ve been loving this month!

elderberry gummies

Not only do these taste delicious, they’re also a natural way to support your body’s immune system. Elderberries are packed with antioxidants and potassium , as well as act as an anti-inflammatory. Now that it’s cold and flu season, I’m trying to prevent getting sick at all costs. I’m trying to do less medicines and more natural things to help my body.

apple cider vinegar shampoo

I mentioned this shampoo briefly in The Friday Edit a few weeks ago, but wanted to circle back to talk about it more in depth. I’m honestly LOVING this shampoo so far. For a while, I’ve been taking a lot of heat to my hair, so I was excited to learn that WOW helps repair damaged hair. Also, winter is upon us here in New York, and this shampoo helps ease dry scalp. Another great thing about WOW is that it really cleans your hair. Since I don’t wash my hair very often, I love the feeling of a super clean scalp after using this shampoo. And one more thing to note: This shampoo helps with slowing down hair loss! Although this isn’t something I personally deal with, I thought it was such a great talking point – in case you’re dealing with that!

welly first aid

One day I was at Allie’s apartment and desperately (ok, fine, not desperate) needed a bandaid. She handed me these Welly bandaids and said I could keep them. At first, I thought they were kind of weird because they were in a tin and looked funny. I obviously put one on anyway, and was SO impressed by them. The specific bandaids I used were hydrocolloid pads that seal in moisture to promote faster healing (i.e. keeping out germs and dirt). I also swear these bandaids stuck to you LIKE GLUE. Seriously. And they didn’t get that gross “yeah, I’ve been wearing this bandaid for too long” look. So basically, I’m never NOT going to be wearing these bandaids when I get a cut or blister! There are so many kinds of bandaids and kits you can get – and you won’t believe the price!

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