5 Things You Need Right Now To Make Your Bedroom Cozy AF

One of my favorite things about fall and winter is the COZY SZN vibes. 

There’s nothing better than being super cozy when the temperatures drop. I’ve always loved making my room look and feel more cozy to keep me warm. Here’s some things I LOVE about my room.

throw blanket

This is a NUMBER ONE MUST HAVE for a cozy room. I currently have a faux fur throw on my bed, but while searching for it to write this post, I came across THIS ONE. And it looks EVEN cozier. So is it time for an upgrade? I think so;) A throw blanket is good not only for additional warmth at night, but also to add a little something to your bed presentation! I love the way throws look at the end of a bed.


cozy slippers

I actually didn’t get into the slipper game until three-ish years ago. I never really cared for slippers or socks around the house for some reason. I guess I was OK with freezing cold feet??? Now? I can’t live without cozy socks and slippers. If you see the floor next to my bed, I always have a pair of socks and slippers ready to go when I get out of bed in the morning! I just got this pair in the mail and my feet are LOOOOOOVING them.


comfy lounge wear

Cozy matching sets are always a good idea in my mind. I was really never much of a matching PJ set kinda girl, and I still am not. BUT a matching sweat set? COUNT ME IN. I think I have working at Free People to thank for that.



Fall scented candles are THE BEST invention ever. I mean, who wouldn’t want to lay down with the scent of vanilla, cookies, cashmere, or pine??? A few weeks ago, my sister and I STOCKED up on candles during the Bath & Body Works sale. A fun (yet sad) fact, my sister has a horrible sense of smell (aka she can’t smell anything really), so she was making me try all of the scents for her.


a feel good movie

And last, but certainly not least…A GOOD MOVIE. There’s nothing I love more than getting into bed for a nap or an early bed time and putting on a good movie. Obviously during the holidays I want to watch everything from Halloweentown to Home Alone 2. Of course, all things romantic, cozy, funny, and feel good are fair game.

What am I missing from this list?! Give me all of your cozy room recommendations!

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