The Friday Edit, Vol. 74

From what I’m eyeing and buying to what I’m up to over the weekend, to links I’m absolutely loving. AND EVERYTHING IN BETWEEN. This is your weekly edit, by Dana.

the edit

High: Going to MSG for the Penguins/Rangers game . (They lost, but I love hockey so much.)

Low: I jammed two of my fingers and, WOOF, it’s annoying/painful. I’ve been doing a lot of icing and keeping it in splint.

the weekend update

I’m SUPER excited for tonight. I can’t believe I’m actually typing this, but I’m going to SUMO WRESTLING tonight. I know, so ridiculous. But I’m actually pretty excited. There’s so many random and fun things to do in New York City, and I feel like I haven’t truly taken advantage of that. So it makes me happy to be doing such funny and cool things like this!

Tomorrow I was supposed to go to Drew’s Taylor Swift ride, but I’m debating holding off on SoulCycle since my back hasn’t been bothering me after taking a week break. And now with my finger…probably for the best. I’m a mess! Instead, I’m going to a yoga class at one of our Free People locations, then shooting some looks with Allie.

THENNNNNNNNNNN, I spontaneously got tickets for Elton John on Saturday night. I’ve always LOVED his music (I mean, duh), and I’ve been dying to see him. I almost cried when we got tickets because THAT’S how excited I was. Since it’s his last tour ever, I knew I needed to go!

On Sunday, all I have is a hip hop yoga class which is pretty awesome. Then, I’m assuming football, food, and hanging out for the rest of the night. Sounds pretty perfect to me!

If anything is weekend is just going to be a perfect NYC weekend…I have a feeling I’m going to fall in love with New York all over again.

the links i’m loving this week

the things i’m eyeing and buying

today i will…

Do something fun in New York City.

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