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Amazon. Hate them, but love them…you know?

There’s really nothing better than that instant gratification I feel when an Amazon package shows up at my door a day or two after I ordered it. While I know it’s not the most sustainable route (and let’s be real, Amazon as a company is just f*cking annoying). I gotta say, some people are REALLY good at finding things on Amazon…and I’m just…not LOL. So when I do find something, I get really excited about it. Oh and I also share an account with my family, so I also find a lot of things that I see them ordering;)

amazon finds


I’ve been on the hunt for some shoes because I’m SICK of everything I own. I ended up finding a few cute pairs that I LOVE!

  • Braided Sandals
  • Braided Heels Ok although I absolutely LOVE these and the way they look on, they’re just NOT super comfortable. So I need to stick to wearing them when I’m not walking around so much.
  • Cloud Slippers I have been seeing “cloud slippers” everywhere, and I wanted to try for myself. I think I saw the gals of Somewhere, Lately post these, so I purchased them. I will say they run LARGE, so size down — I’m a 6 and go the 4-4.5 women size. I bought two colors, the lighter orange and white…and I want the black ones next! They are SUPER comfortable, so I plan on making these my official house shoes and running errands shoes.


  • Blue Light Glasses One day I got a random itch to get aviator blue light glasses, so naturally I went right to Amazon. I found these and I LOVE THEM. They’re pretty delicate, which was actually what I wanted. I LOVE them so much. If you don’t know what blue light is, I wrote a post about it in 2017!
  • Sunglasses I wouldn’t say I’m particularly trendy when it comes to sunglasses. I really stick with my classic ones: Aviators, Circle, and Oversized. I don’t love spending a lot of money on trendy sunglasses that I don’t think I’ll have for years (I seriously have had my Rayban Aviators since COLLEGE – they’ve been through…a lot.) I saw these on Instagram, and decided to give them a try mainly because I liked the olive a lot. But I actually really love them — they’re the perfect amount of cool to me and sliiiiiightly smaller than what I typically wear…so I feel trendy.


  • Little Black Dress I stumbled upon this dress and think it’s PERFECT for date night. Or even cute for brunch if you throw a little button down over it!
  • Socks I’m a big fan of calf length socks ever since I purchased this pair of Nikes. These are super affordable, and very comfortable, so I wear them around the house and while I’m out!

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    Julia said:

    Love this rug! Will you share the source?