Easy Ways To Adjust Your Attitude

In more ways than one, living through a pandemic has certainly brought a shift in pretty much all aspects of my life.

We all know 2020 was one of the shittiest years OF. ALL. TIME. A global pandemic, racial injustice, a crazy important election year, the list goes on. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t caught up in personal battles as well as the global battles we were all dealing with. I used to be so obsessed with controlling situations, having the highest expectations for those around me, thinking about how others perceived me, etc.

And 2020 proved that I just couldn’t keep up with it anymore. I was constantly feeling stressed over things I really couldn’t control. Plus, the uncertainty of the world was enough to send me into a miserable hole. I realized it was time to change my attitude: towards people, places, relationships, friendships, and life in general. Changing your mindset doesn’t happen overnight. It takes practice, patience, and a whole lot of trial and error. I’ve found that a few things work for me when I literally need to snap out of my bad attitude/habits and start fresh.

A few ways to change your attitude

  1. Breathe — there’s really something to be said about what a few deep breaths can do. Ever since I started doing yoga, I’ve learned the importance of breathwork, and in stressful situations, I always come back to the breathe.
  2. CBD — On days where I’m just REALLY lacking a good attitude (mainly due to anxiety), I reach for my Equilibria CBD drops. They are, what I like to call, my instant dose of calm. Taking a drop full of CBD instantly helps calm me down, and allows me to refocus my attention (and attitude) elsewhere. PS: If you’re interested in Equilibria, you can shop here — my code danamannarino will get you 15% off your purchase!
  3. Daily Gratitude — When I get home from my morning walk, I sit at my desk and write down one thing I’m grateful for in that very moment. Whether it’s big or small, it always brings a smile to my face. Thinking about things that make you GRATEFUL really helps put life into perspective. Once I write that down, it helps set the tone for a positive attitude.
  4. Move your body — If I’m feeling down, I try to get a workout in of some sort. Whether it’s yoga or a full body class, getting your heart rate up reminds you of YOUR POWER, YOUR STRENGTH.
  5. Get inspired — Living on the Upper East Side has really brought so much joy and inspiration into my life. Thanks to my daily walks, I’m generally just a happier person thanks to the people I see walking around the neighborhood. Plus, there’s too many cute restaurants and shops — SO MUCH CUTE LIL INSPO!!!

Whenever I’m feeling overwhelmed, stressed, or just have a bad effing attitude, I try to go back to these tactics that pull me out of my funk immediately. Even though they usually don’t change the actual situation or what I can control, I feel a sense of calm…almost like a little reset button. So I hope they help you too, and at the end of the day: YOU GOT THIS!!!

photo by allie provost

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  1. 6.16.21
    Lisa said:

    Love this post, Dana!!! Hitting reset on your attitude is so powerful and effective. I have been LOVING my morning walks lately, and I can only imagine how fun it is for you in your new neighborhood!


    • 6.22.21

      Aww, thank you Lisa! I’m SO happy you go on morning walks too. They’re so refreshing!

  2. 9.13.22
    Hayley said:

    Hi Dana!! Love your writing. So enjoyable, thank you for sharing a bit of your creativity and honesty! Question- where is that checkered suit from?? Love it!

  3. 9.13.22
    Hailey said:

    Hi Dana!! Love your writing. So enjoyable, thank you for sharing a bit of your creativity and honesty! Question- where is that checkered suit from?? Love it!

    • 9.14.22

      Hi Hayley – Thanks so much! Unfortunately, this set is old from Lou & Grey last year.