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Quiet Luxury Must Haves

Quiet luxury already feels like an overused term, but I kind of love it. Over the years, I’ve come to realize there is so much value in adding quality pieces to your closet. Now, I know that’s easy for me to say because a lot of my wardrobe and personal style is made up of pieces that are mostly neutral and are pretty timeless. So to me, statement pieces are GREAT and FUN, BUT I’d much rather invest in elevated basics that I can easily wear every day. I think it’s such a fun challenge to build an outfit with the same pieces, and really see how I can make them feel different. I’m SUCH an impulse buyer, so having these basic pieces in my closet don’t make me feel AS bad for purchasing so much.

I probably should have started with this, but I don’t think “quiet luxury” needs to be EXPENSIVE. Of course, a lot of it is. But let’s redefine quiet luxury for the sake of this post (and for my own sanity): Quiet luxury is characterized by understated elegance, refined consumption, elevated fabrics and fit, WITHOUT overt displays of weather.

12 Quiet Luxury Pieces For Your Wardrobe

J.Crew Cropped Sweater Pant

I just got these pants in and I knew they needed to be at the top of my list. I cannot believe how INSANE these pants are. The funny thing is they weren’t on my radar at all until I was in a meeting. I didn’t realize there was some hype around this pant, so I immediately ordered. They are such a sleek pant that I know I’m going to wear over and over. They’re great for work – they’re the epitome of “desk to drinks” pants. I’m wearing these pants with sweaters and oversized button downs. They look so good with any shoe – but I’m personally going with a ballet flat or loafer.

The Row Margaux 15

I think I’ve been living under a rock. I didn’t realize this bag was so damn popular. But this article was written last November, so clearly I missed something LOL. I figured I’d just move on, but then decided to check The Real Real every day until something popped up. I LOVE this bag! It’s worth the hype for sure, and something that I really consider “quiet luxury” (mainly because of the price point). I actually didn’t have a black every day tote, so I thought this was a great investment! It’s never going to go out of style even if it’s not trending. I also put these bag inserts in to help it be a bit more sturdy and also to have some compartments and designated slots.

J.Crew Shirting

I might be biased since I work in merchandising specifically for shirts. But J.Crew really does have great shirts. I remember buying my very first J.Crew button down in college, and thought I was SO put together. Our fits are incredible, and they’re just perfect wardrobe staples. I’m specifically leaning into our Wren (slim fit) and Etienne (oversized) at the moment. Check out all of our shirts here!

Madewell Denim

Madewell has some really, really good denim. I’ve been specifically loving the Perfect Vintage Wide Leg Crop and the Kick Out Crop. I find Madewell denim runs super true to size and I always feel my best when I wear any of their denim.

Lady Jacket

I’ve talked about my love of lady jackets here before. They are just an easy way to incorporate a clean, polished element to your outfit. I think there is something unbelievably chic about a lady jacket. I also love this longer length option!

Structured Blazer

This feels like a no brainer. Whenever I’m in a style rut, I always pull out a blazer to layer on top of my look. And 9 times out of 10, it makes the outfit feel complete. You can read more about the third piece here! I’ve personally been gravitating towards this boiled one and this double breasted wool one. I also really like Everlane’s blazer options. If you’re looking for less of an investment, H&M honestly has some really great blazers too!

Celine Sunglasses

I purchased my very first pair of designer sunglasses in 2015. I remember walking into Barneys (RIP) with my coworker and he helped me pick out a pair and that’s when the love affair with Celine sunglasses began. Since then I’ve purchased over a handful of them and I can really say they’re probably my favorite designer. I take really great care of my sunglasses, so I don’t mind investing in them. This is definitely my favorite pair that I reach for 8/10 times these days (and by days, I mean almost 2 years). Adding sunglasses to every look, in my opinion, automatically gives you that quiet luxury look. And even if you’re not looking to drop some money on a air, Amazon almost ALWAYS has a similar option – like this!

Suede Tote/Bucket Bag

I think the suede tote/bucket bag is such an easy way to provide some effortlessly chic pieces in your life. They’re the “throw over your shoulder and go” kind of bag that seemingly is a bottomless pit. I love that they typically can hold anything and everything OR just your wallet if you want!


This should have been number one on the list, but I like to be dramatic. Cashmere is without a doubt the most notable quiet luxury piece in my closet. I pride myself on my cashmere collection and I really do FEEL so luxe when I wear one. There are so many options – a classic lighter weight crew (or v-neck) for a great year round options, a slightly heavier version to keep you cozy all season long, and novelty pieces that you’ll have forever!

Ballet Flats

Another purchase that I absolutely believe is a luxurious staple is the ballet flat. Another wardrobe staple that I’ve written so many posts about – although I do love this one about outfit ideas with ballet flats! I LOVE that ballet flats are so on trend because that means there are definitely more affordable options. If you’re on the fence about Chanel flats specifically (I own four pairs!), I wrote about them here.


Another item that gives off quiet luxury vibes is a good loafer. For a while, I was exclusively wearing Gucci loafers (this is actually one of my most popular posts ever). And more recently, we’re seeing the lug sole loafer become bigger and bigger. I love that people are experimenting with fun ways to wear loafers – whether it’s with a dress or with a fun sock (personally love these).

Trench Coat

And last, but certainly not least, the trench coat. Everyone needs a trench coat because of the versatility AND the practicality. I’ve accumulated a few trench coats over the years, but I don’t think it gets better than this one from J.Crew. It actually functions as a trench, and I LOVE that there’s a removable hood.

What does quiet luxury mean to you?!

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