#PopFizzChat | 3.3

A weekly series dedicated to everything from Q&As, sale finds, weekend updates, sneak peeks and more!Pop Fizz Chat

C H A M P A G N E  T A S T E

Instead of a Q&A, I want to chat a bit more about something new! Last year, I started a little newsletter series – Sunday (Not So) Scaries – and I really wanted to keep up with it. But there was something that I just wasn’t loving about it. It just seemed like a thrown together mess just to get something out to my subscribers. Then, I also created a little wardrobe checklist for new subscribers…but even that didn’t feel like a fun incentive for subscribers.

I realized how much I love writing #PopFizzChat because it’s more personal. After much thought, I created The Weekend Toast. I ran a poll on Twitter and asked my followers when they would rather a newsletter to go out: Friday or Saturday. And Friday won.

So every Friday afternoon, I’ll be popping into your inbox (get excited!). Every week, I’ll write about a new topic on a more personal level. For example, tomorrow’s topic is how I landed my dream job – my current job. I want to continue building off of that topic for a while (i.e. tips, tricks, and even what I do on a day-to-day basis), and then eventually start writing about other topics. Oh, and we’ll ALWAYS be toasting to something;)

I’ve actually loved writing all my life, so this is a great opportunity to expand Pink Champagne Problems and for you to get to know me on another level. I would LOVE for you to subscribe! (Don’t worry, I will never spam your inbox)

C H A M P A G N E  F I N D S

I realized dedicated sales posts aren’t your favorite, but I HAD to share a couple of my picks from the Shopbop sale!

ps: everything is priced low to high


C H A M P A G N E  D A I L Y

There’s a few fun things going on this weekend. On Saturday, I’m heading to O&M in Meatpacking to get my hair cut and colored (thinking of going back to my natural, dark brown color). I’m so excited! I’ll definitely share more about my appointment!

After that I’m heading to The Ainsworth to celebrate two of my favorite girls’ birthdays: Andrea and Jordan! So excited to see my blogger gal pals. AND THEN….I’m heading home to celebrate my dad’s birthday. My dad has been through a lot over the last year, so I’m excited to be able to celebrate another year with him!

C H A M P A G N E  G A I N S

I went to the gym twice this week after a week off (because of my trip). And woof. I don’t feel super out of shape, but getting myself to physically get to the gym was tough.

C H A M P A G N E  L O V I N


Send me some of your absolute, go-to, favorite movies! I’m always looking for shows to watch at night, so I feel like I should just watch a good movie before bed instead! Let me know in the comments below!

I hope you enjoy this Pop! Fizz! Chat! series as much I enjoy writing and researching for it. If you ever have a question you’d like me to answer, feel free to shoot me an email, tweet me, send me a DM on Instagram, or ask it anonymously here!

H A P P Y  W E E K E N D !

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  1. 3.3.17

    I love these posts so much! Love your picks from the Shopbop sale too. That umbrella is so cute. Excited to see your new do too!

    xo Laura Leigh