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I know Pink Champagne Problems is primarily a fashion blog…and it always will be.

But lately, I’ve been itching to travel. Not necessarily to crazy places (for now, anyways), but just to new cities. I want to try the cute places people from other places are always raving about, much like people want to visit New York City. 

And let’s be honest, I haven’t really traveled much. In the past year, I’ve only been to Pittsburgh, Mexico, Toronto, and Austin. So yeah, I’d like to go to more places. And what’s next on my list?


My boyfriend and I will be staying with Hotel Monaco – I’m so excited because I’ve heard such great things about Kimpton hotels! Ok, ok, I’m really just ecstatic for the complimentary daily wine hour and in-room spa 😉 

What We’re Doing:
– Go to Wrigley Field for the Pirates/Cubs game
– Drinks at The Hampton Social (to get the Rose All Day pic)
– Skydeck @ Sears Tower (yes, that scary glass floor)
– Visit Navy Pier
– Do the Original Gangster tour (love that ish!)
– Take a SoulCycle class with Hallie (yay!)
Shoot with Melissa at fun Chi-town locations!

Many of you have already given us some amazing recommendations (thanks, by the way)! But please feel free to add more in the comments below…or shoot me an email!

What I’m Packing:
I’m pretty sure the weather isn’t going to be super warm, so I need to pack smart when it comes to my carry on bag. I’m thinking this sweater is going to be my lifesaver. Aside from my fancy night heels, I plan on walking around in my tried and true loafers. I’m really excited to break out this maxi dress for a cute little date night! And finally, I’m SO excited that these arrived (thanks to 2-day shipping) just in time for our trip. I’ve been wanting them ever since I saw them on Emily and Krista…so I pulled the trigger on payday 😉 They’re only temporarily out of stock…but if you order, you’ll receive a notification when the order goes through! (If you’re not about that life, here’s a similar pair in cobalt!)


So yeah, feel free to pass along any recommendations at all! Tell me about your favorite parts of the city and where we NEED to go!

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