HAPPY FRIDAY! Anyone else feel like this week dragged on forever?!

Loving: Lately I’ve been getting back into reading. I just picked up a few new books (here and here) that I’m really excited to get into! A little fun fact, I used to LOVE reading when I was younger. I’m talking about begging my mom to take me to the library and then coming home with 6 or 7 books that I would finish within a few days. I’m really happy I’m discovering my love for reading again! So now, I have a question for YOU: Any good book recs?!

Shopping: I have one huge item that’s been on my wish list. And it’s this romper. It’s probably the prettiest thing I’ve ever seen. The price tag is a little (ok, really) high, but I blacked out and ordered it anyway. I can’t wait to wear it in Chicago this weekend! Take a look at some things I’ve recently bought and have my eye on! 

Traveling: I’m SO excited because tomorrow my boyfriend and I leave for Chicago (I wrote about it in this post). I’m really excited to introduce some travel posts to Pink Champagne Problems! Be sure to follow along on Instagram (@pinkchampagneproblems) and Snapchat (username: danamannarino). 
What are your thoughts about me writing about traveling? 

Adding: If you follow along on Instagram or have seen this page on my blog, you’ll know that I use LikeToKnow.It to help everyone shop the pieces that I’m wearing! I know people don’t particularly like the service or just can’t figure out how to use it, so I’ve added an “Instagram” sub-tab under my “Shop” tab. All you need to do is click on a photo and the pieces I’m wearing will pop up for you to shop! Let me know what you think!

Eating: Tacos. For whatever reason, I can’t get enough of them lately. I had amazing fish tacos at Refinery Rooftop in Midtown for lunch earlier this week! 

Celebrating: My daddy’s health! We just found out that he kicked cancer’s butt – so we will definitely be celebrating tonight! Thank you to everyone who sent well wishes, good vibes and prayers! It meant the world to me and my family!

What are some of your “recents”? Tell me everything!

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