New York City Fitness Classes

New York City workouts that I’ve tired and loved!

It seems like fitness and wellness are taking up a lot of our feeds and our time. I wouldn’t say I’m a workout junkie, but I do love a good sweat. My goal is to write more about this topic around these parts, so I wanted to do a little round up of some of my favorite NYC workouts! I figured this would be a cool introduction and can be updated as I take more classes.


SoulCycle You guys KNOW my love for SoulCycle runs WAY beyond a 45-minute workout. If you never tried SoulCycle, I highly recommend. You could read about my first time at SoulCycle in 2015 here so you know what to expect;) The amount of sweat and smiles produced in these 45 minute classes are INSANE. And it’s so necessary for people. I can say that with confidence because I’ve taken well over 500 classes since I started riding in 2015.  It’s a lot more than a physical workout, which is part of the reason why I love it so much. Now that I’ve been having some back pain, I’ve had to pull back on the classes I take…which is so unfortunate. But I still, hands down, believe in SoulCycle more than any other workout because of the PHYSICAL AND MENTAL benefits.

My favorite studios are 19th St, NOMAD, SoHo, NoHo, and Bryant Park.


YogaWorks I’ve been practicing at YogaWorks for a little less than a month now, but I am loving it. I love that it’s not a super traditional flow in the sense that teachers really focus on poses and allowing students to really pay attention to the poses. This is such a beneficial way to make sure you’re doing the poses correctly.

Y7 I’ve actually only taken 2 Y7 classes, but still wanted to include them anyway. When I took these classes, I really wasn’t aware of specific poses, so I couldn’t really follow along. Since you do three flows (one of them being at your own pace).


Precision Run I first tried this class when I was a member at Equinox and didn’t love it. Last year, I was invited to take the class again at their new freestanding location in Flatiron. Since I was a runner in high school, I knew I should give the class another shot. I ended up REALLY enjoying the class as it was super specific and tailored to your running/pace. The treadmills are totally customized for Precision Run – they’re wood treadmills so the’re super low impact. The music is really uplifting and the lights signal different pushes or breaks throughout the run!

Mile High Run Club I recently tried Mile High for an event, and it was really similar to Precision Run. My sister used to go to Mile High ALL the time, and I’m surprised I didn’t go with her ever. I know there are more locations than Precision Run


Barry’s I’ve done Barry’s a handful of times and I just couldn’t get into it. I think it’s because I wasn’t super into lifting weights. And the first time I went, I picked up WAY too heavy of weights and definitely hurt myself. I do like that there are a ton of locations, and I know a lot of people who SWEAR by Barry’s. It’s also nice that they give you an option of doing floor (weights) and treadmill or double floor.

Aarmy This is the most recent class I’ve tried. To be honest, I was terrified to try this class. I don’t know why, but I was. Mostly because I didn’t think I was strong enough to do this really intense bootcamp. But my boyfriend asked me to go with him, so I decided to try it out. And I really enjoyed it! I mean, I’m still having trouble walking, but it’s a good thing. I love the “team” mentality they preach at Aarmy and I definitely think it’s a place I can get stronger at.

What are some workouts I need to try?!

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