Elle’s Edit: 5 Ways to Kickstart Your Week

When Sunday rolls around we always find ways to complain that tomorrow is Monday.

I’m right there with you when I say I always have the case of the Sunday scaries. I however am not afraid to admit that Sunday is actually my favorite day of the week. Why? Well, I love waking up early and getting my day started (if I’m not hungover) by cleaning my apartment, going to the gym, brunch with friends, going to the grocery store, meal prepping, and basically getting my sh*t together before the week ahead. During the week it is all work for me so I try to find “me” time on the weekends especially on Sundays. I wanted to share with you all the 5 things that I do to kickstart my week in hopes it helps you before Monday rolls around.

Make sure your apartment is spotless. Whenever I have a clean apartment, my mind is clear. It makes me feel like I have my life together and I just feel so much better coming back home to a clean and relaxing space after a long day. The last thing that I want to do during the week is clean so when the weekend rolls around I always dedicate maybe an hour or so to clean each Sunday. Makes the world of a difference!

Call your family. I have been really making more of an effort to do this every Sunday afternoon because it just makes me so happy. I love talking to my family and catching them up on my life and I know they appreciate it too. My family supports me through everything and whenever I am feeling down or need encouragement I always give them a call.

Catch up on your TV shows. I’m such a TV-acholic. I love my reality trash TV shows and when I’m traveling for work or working late in the office, I always don’t get home in time to watch the shows I love. What I’ve been doing is recording the shows and listen/watch them on Sundays when I’m cleaning, going through work emails, writing Elle’s Edit, you name it. It is something that I always look forward to!

Laundry. This goes without saying. Make it a habit to do your laundry every Sunday that way you don’t need to worry about it during the week. I typically do a couple of cycles (whites, darks, and towels/sheets) and boy do I feel better when it is done AND put away. I’m notorious for leaving my stuff in the dryer and just opening it up all the time during the week when I need an item of clothing. Lazy, I know but I can’t do it all.

Go to church. Write in a journal. Listen to the podcast. Reflect. Many things here but they are all so important and don’t take up much time. It is so important to spend time to yourself and reflect on the past week and what you want to accomplish in the week ahead. Having that time of pure calmness is so refreshing and will go a long way.

What do you do to kickstart your week?

Thanks for reading Elle’s Edit. If you have any topics that you would like for me to discuss, feel free to email me at elizabeth.lane.dooley@gmail.com. I would love to hear from you! xo

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