Loving, Lately

A few things I’ve been loving lately!

desk organization

Now that I have a new desk to decorate, I’ve been going a little overboard on Amazon. In full disclosure, my boss has these cute triangle organizers on her desk, so I wanted to get them too. I got the gold because my desk theme (lol does that sound ridiculous?) is teal/florals/gold. I also picked up a new cute mouse, this mousepad, this notebook, and these binder clips.

Does your desk space have a theme?

sweat sets

I think I love a good sweat set as much as the next person. I mean who wouldn’t want to be able to not have to think too hard about your outfit? I’ve actually been living in this matching set lately. And no, there’s not much to it, but I LOVE that it’s so easy. I also feel like I need to mention HOW. CRAZY. SOFT. this fabric is. I’m not just saying this because I now work for the company, but it truly is the most insanely good fabric I’ve ever put on my body. And then you have fun prints and patterns that come in sets. Those are a good way to step outside your comfort zone, while being comfy AF.

six: the musical

Back in September, a friend of mine asked if I wanted to get tickets to Six: The Musical. I immediately said yes even though I had NO idea what she was talking about. Since I love Broadway and seeing new shows, no really wasn’t an option. I later found out that it’s almost like Hamilton, in the sense it takes a historical period and turns it into a modern show. Six is about Henry VIII and his wives told through the wives in a pop concert!

I started listening to the tracks, and I AM OBSESSED. The songs are so catchy and funny…makes me so excited to go see it soon!

What are you loving lately? Let me know in the comments so I can check them out!

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