Make Me Up

Judging by this blog and my Instagram, I am NOT a makeup guru. Seriously. I know nothing about make up – go ahead, ask me what all that cream stuff is that you put on your face (Concealer? bronzer? I really don’t know).

There’s a but to all of this….

BUT, I have been venturing out into the wonderful world of make up and starting to wear more of it – really just the basics. Now my struggle is getting past the prices of make up. WHY IS IT SO EXPENSIVE?! I’ve definitely learned that your $28 lipstick is going to last a lot longer than a $7 lipstick from the drugstore….so I guess I’m going to have to suck it up. 


I’ve always worn mascara, that’s probably the first thing I learned how to put on my face. I love great lashes and I’m lucky enough to have pretty thick, long ones already. I have about 4 mascaras that I live by, sometimes I can’t choose which one I want to use.


I’ve been seriously feeling lipstick lately…ok fine for like over a year. Whenever I’m not feeling my prettiest, lipstick is my absolute go-to. I usually lean towards neutral and pink shades, but sometimes I grab a purple/plum or red/berry. Sure, it’s not the greatest idea when you’re drinking for hours….but I mean, there’s nothing a little touch-up in the bathroom can’t fix 😉


One of my biggest accomplishments in the make up department is learning how to apply eyeshadow without looking like a clown (FYI: I hate clowns). I only have one recommendation for eye shadow and that’s the Naked palettes. My sister has the first one and I have Naked2. The colors all blend so well together – I usually use two or three colors each time!


And last, but not least…blush. This has to be one of my favorite parts of make up. I love adding a bright cheek to my look – it makes me look and feel happier, and adds a little color to your face!

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