Making A Statement

A little story for your Thursday morning…

Earlier this week, I walked into a room and my Creative Director goes, “What’s this? No necklace today?”

And then it hit me…I WASN’T WEARING A NECKLACE! Does this mean I look bad? Am I deemed less important in the fashion industry because I’m not wearing a necklace to go with my look? (Ok, fine, that was dramatic of me, but anyway….) 

I realized how fun statement pieces are, and they’re something you can become “known” for – or at least people recognize when you’re not wearing something that’s considered a statement piece. When I’m looking for pieces to immediately take my look from boring to bam, I think of Baublebar

Between necklaces, rings, and bracelets, everything makes a statement in it’s own way – even if it’s a delicate piece. I also LOOOOOOVE their Guest Bartender series – I think that’s so cool.

Shop some of my favorites below!

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