You know when you fall in love with a retailer and they’re all you could think about? A few years ago, J.Crew was that store for me. Literally, everything I owned came from that store (also, let’s LOL at my photo editing skills). People even stopped asking me what I was wearing because they knew it came from J.Crew – oops.

And then I started working.

I needed more than just a great pair of chino shorts and a cashmere sweater (although I do wear the sh*t out of my J.Crew pieces), and I definitely needed more variety in my every day style. 

So basically, Nordstrom saved the day. Now, I literally go to Nordstrom for everything – and their customer service? UNREAL. Seriously, I’ve never had a bad experience at Nordstrom and if I had an issue, it was resolved within hours. CAN’T BEAT THAT!





What pieces do you have your eyes on? Better snag them before it’s too late!

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