Loving, Lately

A few things I’ve just been LOVING lately!

anine bing

When I first saw THE Bing Bing tee, I needed it. It took me QUITE a long time to splurge on a t-shirt. But when I received it, I knew it was a good choice. Since then, I’ve been OBSESSED with all things Anine Bing. I mainly shop the t-shirts and sweatshirts, but I love the overall aesthetic of the brand, and Anine herself. She is the definition of a badass boss lady.

Although they’re definitely an investment, they’re easy throw on and go pieces that INSTANTLY make you feel like the coolest girl on the block.

hydro flask

OMG. Am I officially a VSCO GIRL?! According to my 10 year old cousin, I am not. Mainly because I don’t have the backpack, scunchie, or Tik Tok. But I’m on my way;)

I ordered a Hydro Flask for no reason other than I thought it would help me drink more water. Because I’m REALLY bad at drinking water. Even though I really love to drink water. I realize NONE of that makes sense. But anyway. It’s definitely helped me increase my water intake. I even bought the separate straw lid which helps me drink water faster. I definitely notice a difference when I have my Hydro Flask vs. when I don’t!


It’s true, I’m OBSESSED with beanies. You might (ok, if you follow me on Instagram, then you DEFINITELY) have seen this beanie on me more than a few times.

It truly is MY FAVORITE beanie of all time. I just am obsessed with the fit and all of the color options. I wear mainly my black and pink ones, but also low key love my orange one too!

And the best part? It’s on sale here and here.

What are you loving lately?

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