Elle’s Edit: How to Not Get Sick This Winter

Ah winter, everyones favorite time of the year. Right?


I have a love hate relationship with winter. I like the thought of being cozy, at home watching movies with my big blanket, sweaters, layers, you name it. However once the Holidays are over, I find it more difficult to find ways to say I love winter. It is just dark, cold, my skin and scalp are constantly dry, you name it. And let is not forget how EVERYONE is sick. It is prime flu season and that is something that I am not about. Last year (or the year before, I forget) I had the flu and let me tell you, it was the worst thing I’ve ever experienced. It took me weeks to recover and now I’m just traumatized by it. With flu season being in the peak right now, I wanted to share my top tips on how to avoid getting sick.

Wash your hands. This goes without saying but make sure you do it constantly. Yes, this means washing your hands even if you aren’t using the bathroom. I always wash my hands when I come back to my apartment from wherever I go. Think of all the things you touch throughout the day and that others have touched too. It is disgusting. If you are in a public space make sure you have hand sanitizer too so you can use that in the meantime if you can’t make your way to a bathroom.

Sanitize everything. Love me some Clorox wipes. I make sure I give my desk a good clean every week along with all the doorknobs in my apartment. Again, you touch everything and there are so many germs on those surfaces. I am not germaphobe by any means (I kind of sound like I am right now) but this is crucial in helping me stay away from sickness.

Hydrate. This is so important! Make sure you are constantly drinking water as it flushes out the toxins or what I like to call germs out of your body. Not only is it good for you and your skin, but it can really help you from not getting sick.

Vitamin C. During the fall/winter months I love oranges and clementines. I eat one every single day! They are just so good to pass up. But they actually have their benefits and I swear it is helping me from getting sick!

Vitamins. I have upped my vitamin regimen recently and I think that also helps. I have to take a bunch of vitamins for my body (long story but I’m very deficient in many things and my hands/arms would fall asleep constantly) but they don’t have the benefits of helping me stay away from sickness. Elderberry is something that is new to me, my coworker raves about it when she is sick and then Dana also told me she added it to her routine in vitamin form.

Ginger shots. Call me weird but I love me some ginger shots and/or any healthy shot. It is so weird that I’ve always liked them but I swear they work! I always take one right before I travel on a plane and then I take it immediately when I get home. I get sick every single time I fly but this year I am trying to change that since I travel 1-2 times a month for work and I can not afford being sick that often.

What do you do to avoid getting sick?

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