Loving, Lately

Just a few random things I’m loving lately!

iphone 11 pro max

I finally upgraded my phone after having an iPhone 7 Plus for 3 years! Let me tell you, it’s definitely taking some time to get used to not having a home button. But I mean, I needed to get with the times, right? It was TIME for an upgrade.

But I mean, the camera alone is worth it. I’m obsessed with the wide angle lens on this phone! Here’s an image we captured with the wide angle for an event I did with SOREL last week.

I love having the larger, full screen, in addition to clearer/crisper photos videos because of the amazing screen resolution.

leave your mark podcast

I’ve been following Aliza since she DKNY PR Girl, and I’ve always LOVED her career advice in the fashion industry. I’ve read her book, Leave Your Mark, three times, and now I’m SO excited that she has a podcast. I was hooked after the first episode with Danielle Bernstein of We Wore What.

I think both Aliza and Danielle are absolute trailblazers in their fields, and I really love that they BOTH tapped into the industry (social media) SO early on. And they stuck with it. And they are SUCCEEDING.

free people sweaters

I’m obviously very biased, but we’re currently in PRIME Free People sweater season. I will say our sweaters are SO good right now, and I think it’s one of our best product classes. There are two sweaters in particular that I’ve been 1. Consistently wearing nonstop and 2. Seeing all over the place – whether it’s on Instagram or on the streets!

The sweater in the photo is the My Only Sunshine sweater! I own it in two colors (black and oatmeal). It’s the perfect cropped/not cropped length, SUPER soft and cozy, and great for layering with skirts, dresses, and longer shirts. And my other favorite is the Easy Street Tunic (I have in 3 colors). It’s the best oversized cozy sweater!

instagram stories

I’ve been really enjoying Instagram Stories more and more lately. Sometimes I even find myself watching stories more than scrolling through my feed. I think Instagram Stories are WAY less curated (unless you’re Allie, LOL), and I feel more comfortable posting on the fly!

From a business perspective, I’ve been noticing a spike in engagement on my stories as well, which is making me more motivated to post consistently. I’m always happy to see when something actually works on Instagram! What are your thoughts on IG Stories?

Tell me about some of the things YOU’RE loving lately!

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